Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 8

My lovely Kidney Bean!

We told your grandparents this week that we were expecting you! It was so much fun, let me just say that there was A LOT of crying and screaming. We created a book of some pictures that our friends Travis and Hayley took of us a few months ago. We knew that we were going to be trying so we had them take some pictures of us with baby stuff. One of them we had them hang a clothes line with baby onsies on it and the other one we are holding these cute little uggs.

First we told my parents and they just could not believe it. Your grandma just said Are you pregnant? Seriously?!?! How come you did not tell me! I had to remind her that I wanted it to be a surprise. Your Uncle Daniel and Aunt Nicole were there to share in the surprise. They are very very excited since you will be their first little grandbaby and niece or nephew. I think they had thought that we were never going to have kids. We also got to tell your Aunt Emily, she did not believe me, she is really excited.

Your grandpa figured it out first and just kept staring at me waiting for me to tell him he was right. Your grandma just started scream “NO Way…NO Way…Really?...NO Way!! It was so funny. All of your Aunts and Uncles came of after that and we got to tell them too. Your Aunt Sarah is so excited to have her first niece or nephew and for Caleb and Jason to have a little cousin to play with.

I can’t wait to show you the book and the funny videos we took of us telling your grandparents. Love you more then you can know!

Your mother

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Little Lime!

Today I saw you for the first time. You looked like a blob of nothing, but I could see your heart beat. I cried. I didnt have to see what you looked like to love you. I have never been so excited to see you. I am dying for you to come outbut not too soon. I love you.

You look like a little person. I saw you stretching and kicking, and moving, and I cried again. You are making me a softy really quick and I am ok with it. I texted your picture to a ton of people, and cant wait to tell some of our students tonight about it! I love you.

Week 7

My Sweet Blueberry!

We had our first doctor's appointment this was WONDERFUL!! All I kept thinking was thank you God for allowing me to take part in your creation. I feel so blessed that he has give your dad & I the opportunity to love & care for you. I was so excited to see you for the first time that I was crying before we even got into the ultrasound room. Our ultrasound tech was very sweet & explained everything to us. We were able to hear and see your heartbeat, I think that was the sweetest moment of my life! Your heartbeat was SO fast, of course I cried again. I wanted to record your heart and listen to it every night before I go to bed. I can't wait to hold you against my chest and not only hear, but feel your heart against mine.

This week was also Valentines Day & you were mine & your dad’s little Valentine. It was sweet to think about how much you are growing already. I defiantly feel my body changing and am looking forward to feeling you grow inside me. We ordered the book we are going to use to tell our family about you. I can’t wait for it to get here!! We are planning on having breakfast with my side of the family and lunch with dad’s side of the family next week. They are going to be so excited. I love you so much, keep growing strong in there!

Love you!
~Your Mom

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Love!

Today is valentines day and I cant wait until this time next year when I get to celebrate it with you. Every time I see a baby it makes me want you here more. It seems like everything I do I imagine how much better it will be when you are here. I love you and cant wait to see you. Happy Valentines day.

Today we watched a show called 24 ( I am sure it is long off the air and will be something that is a joke by the time you read this) at some friends house. I had a ton of fun, but your mom is super sick. Every time she eats anything she feels sick for hours. I can tell you that not once have I heard her gripe. I cant tell you enough how special your mom is. I know that you are building a great relationship together right now as you are being made by God inside of her, but I hope you really take the time to see just how special she really is. I pray that you take after her in every way. I love you.

Your Dad

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Little Poppy seed,

I call you that because I found out today that you are the size of a poppy seed today. Take a second and think about that. In a few years you will be playing games with me, and right now you are the size of something on my in-n-out burger (which by the way I cant wait to see the look on your face when you try one of those).

I watched the Super Bowl and the Saints won and it just made me super excited to think that this time next year I will be watching it with you. Who knows maybe the Jets will pull it off for the first time in years and we could celebrate together.

Time goes by so fast, but I know that the next few months will drag as I wait for you. I never pictured myself as overprotective (Im not like that with any student) but I think if I had it my way I would have your mom be bed ridden just to protect you. I love you and cant wait to see you.

Love you no matter what,

Your Dad

Week 6

My cute Lentil Bean!

This week has been so wonderful. Your daddy and I are just so excited and want to scream from the rooftops that you are on your way. It has been sweet every night praying together about your continued growth. It has also been fun to pray about the amazing child you are going to be.

Your dad has been so sweet making sure that I’m okay and helping me as much as he can with the changes in my body. It is crazy how tired you make me by the end of the day. I have to admit it is nice to be able to go to bed early and not feel guilty that I’m going to miss out on something. I love how often your dad asks “I really have to wait 9 months to play with the baby, I want them here now.”

Your auntie Mel & uncle Adam got married this week, so you attended your first wedding! It was really hard being around the family and not telling them about you. We just did not want to steal that special moment from them. It is exciting having a little secret that when we look at each other we can’t help but smile and think of you.

We set up time to meet with both sides of the family next week to surprise them. I cry just thinking about telling them, they are going to be ecstatic. Both of your grandmothers are criers so I will be sure to not wear my mascara in the morning. I cant wait for you meet your family, you are going to love them & they already love you even though they don’t know yet.

Love you so much!
Your Mom

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To my son or daughter

I am some what a worrier. I worry. I want to have unwavering faith, and for the most part I do. I really find myself worrying about you. Its so ridiculous. I want to just enjoy this pregnancy and I prayed for your mom to be pregnant like crazy, and I never thought about anything bad, or the nerves that go along with it.

I am sure you are cooking in your moms tummy just fine, but I can already see where this is going. You will be born and I will worry about your health. I can already see myself worrying the first time you cough, cry, act sick. I want to apologize now for the times that I am overbearing, seem mean because I dont let you do something. It really is because I love you.

I cant wait to see you.

Your Dad

Monday, February 8, 2010

My future Dodger’s fan

We took the final pictures today for the album that we are going to give your grandparents to tell them that you are coming! I have to say, you are not even here and I am changing my life. You really make me want to be better a better person. Today I was thinking about my dad (your grandpa) and just the mistakes that he made. dont get me wrong he is a great man and I cant wait to tell you how he has helped me be the man I am today. I do think of all of the mistakes though and wonder what mistakes I will make with you. I guess this is a pre-emptive apology.

I love you. I really do. There is nothing that I want more than to be a great father to you. I pray everyday that I am the kind of father that you look up to, that you see Christ working in, that you want to be around (even though I know that it is inevitable that in Middle School through High School you wont want me around). Know that I love you and that even now your mom and I are already praying for you.

Love you always,

Your Dad

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My greatest birthday gift

Today I turned 29, and spent most of the day wishing you were here for me to hold. I just keep dreaming of everything that we will do together, praying for how you will turn out, and even sometimes find myself crying a little (which as we get to know each other you will find is a rare thing).

In all my life I have never been excited for anything like I am you. I cant wait to teach you about the God that I know and love and is forming you right now. I cant wait to teach you about the history of our Los Angeles Dodgers, teach you to root for the Jets, and to hate the Lakers. I cant wait to take you out surfing, and see the look on your face when you stand up on your first wave. Most of all I just cant wait to show you how much I love you.

All that keeps going through my head is this verse:

Psalm 139:13

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

All I keep thinking is how God is personally making you to be who you are and I am so excited to get to know you.

I already love you so much, and cant wait to meet you. BTW, please stop making your mom so hungry.she is already waking up needing to eat (she still looks amazing and always will, but I want her to sleep).

With every ounce of love I have,

Your Dad

My little one!

Today is one of the best days of my life! This verse has been a prayer of your fathers and mine for weeks. “I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.” 1 Samuel 1:27. Today our prayers were answered, yeah God! I have been lying awake at night dreaming of this moment.

Of course I cried, you will learn that is an often occurrence for me. I was just so excited that I now get to spend the next 40 weeks getting to know you. I already feel my body changing and can’t wait until I hear your heartbeat and feel you move for the first time. I also love to see the excitement and light in your dad’s eyes, it is so sweet.

Today you are the size of a sesame seed and that make my heart leap. I am so in love with your father and look forward to showing you how much I love you. I am so excited to spend the next few months dreaming of what you will look like. Will you have your dads nose? Will you have my wavy hair? I hope you have blue eyes like your dad and I. All I know is you will be a beautiful creation of our God. I can’t wait to meet you!

You are going to be so precious and I am excited to share life with you. I promise to pray for you and can’t wait to teach you about our wonderful creator. I love you so much, I will be counting down the days until October 2010!

All my love,
Your Mommy