Sunday, March 27, 2011


Let me just say you LOVE your high chair! You really enjoyed sitting it there while we got your food ready. You like to slap your hand on the tray & listen to the noise it makes. You were not too sure of the food the first spoonful. You pretty much just let it run down your face. After a few bites I think you started to realize that it was really just milk with a little bit of "something" added to it. Hallee you really like the spoon, since it is soft, as a chewing device. You truly enjoyed your first cereal experience, so did we!! Now we are just looking forward to starting you on carrots in a few day...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Tooth!

Or should I say your first 2 teeth!! Your bottom two front teeth just came in...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 Months Old!

This month I feel like you have grown so very much.

You went to the doctors for your 4 month check up & you are developing perfectly. We already knew that :) You weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces...that is more the double what you were born at. You are definitely not lacking in the food area, you are in the 95%. Your head & length are both in the 75% so you are above average there too. The doctor says that you are in the 75% for your head because you just have a big brain...I think she is so sweet!

Some of the fun things you have been doing or at least getting better at are... Rolling, you roll around like crazy! The second we put you on your back to change your diaper you try to roll over. You prefer to roll to the left but will roll to your right if there is something enticing to your right. Also if we put you on your tummy you roll right over on your back unless you are distracted by a toy. You are also sitting up all by your self if we put you in a sitting position. You want so badly to sit up yourself from a laying & you are getting so close if you are even on the slightest angle you do it. You have also been getting better at attempting to crawl. You scoot if you have some leverage for your feet to push off of. Otherwise you just spin around in a circle, it is pretty cute! You are such a girl, you LOVE to talk! You make the funniest noises & are trying so hard to communicate. Your dad says you talk all day long while you are at work with him. They call you a parrot because some of the noises you make are little squawks. Your daddy has been working on your "inside" voice so you will actually make quieter noises if we make them at you first. You are such a funny little girl!

Big Sitter Upper!
You are so proud of yourself, big girl!
We went on a little get away for one night to a hotel in Anaheim. Our room had a view of the Disneyland fireworks so we watched in the warmth of our hotel room. You truly enjoyed the lights! You sat on my lap for the entire 20 minute show & just stared at them. Every once in a while you would glace up at me or dad & then right back to the fireworks. I can't wait until it gets a little warmer & we can watch them from closer up. I just hope the noise of the fireworks does not scare you.
You just chillin' in the hotel

Your first iPad artwork, so abstract!

My favorite thing about Wednesdays!

You are my special Valentine

This is me! You look so much like your mommy, crazy!
We love you so much sweet Hallee Jane!