Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy B-Day at Disneyland!

Our friends Jenna & Kara just got Disneyland passes so we have been spending some time back there now that our passes have opened back up. It is so much fun to see how excited the two of you girls get to see everything there. One of the days we went was Jenna's Birthday so we had fun celebrating her!
First thing we had to get Kara's picture in ears!
Kara's 1st ride!
Little Mermaid is the BEST!
Auntie Emily met us to take you on Mermaid for the 1st time
Love Toy Story!
Getting everyone looking...impossible!
It's the Happiest Place on Earth!
Promise the girls are riding with us!
Our crazy walkers!
Loving the hats
We could not see you two little girls...
so we decided this was a better idea!
Big girls riding the horse all by yourselves!
We all love Disneyland!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

June Lake!

We went on a little camping trip to June Lake. We had such a fun & refreshing time just checking out & spending time with some wonderful people. This was your first long road trip (8 hours w/ stops) & you did so great! You slept pretty much the entire time we were in the car & ate strawberries the rest of the time. The days were in the 80's & the nights were in the 40's so it got pretty cold in our little tent. You did not sleep great because you were in your pack-n-play as well as your little body was cold. You ended up in our bed every night so mommy did not get much sleep. The great thing was I didn't have anything to do the next day except relax.

You really enjoyed playing in the dirt & picking up rocks. That was a hard one for me to come to grips with...I kept wanting to wipe your face & hands. After the first day I did a lot better, you just got a wipe down each night before bed. You also had fun playing with the other kids that were there, you think you are so much older than you really are!!

The very first night we were there we had a bear encounter so that was exciting. The bear was looking right at daddy & I from about 10 feet away. All while you slept inside the tent, I for sure went into protection mode. He did not do anything but stare at us & then he continued to make nightly visits trying to find something we might have forgotten to put away.

While we were there we went to the lake, which was beautiful. The water was a little too cold for you but still nice to play on the shore with your shovel. Another day we went on a long hike around where we could see the pretty scenery & visit the downtown area. Dad did some fishing & caught us dinner for one of the nights. One day we went fishing with everyone & where we were there was some snow. This was your first experience with snow & you loved it. Of course because it is like ice! The first thing you did was touch it & put it right in your mouth. It will be fun to take you this winter to the snow & you can play in it.

Dad & I were also able to take out the ATV's & explore the area. That was a lot of fun, it brought me back to my childhood when I used to do that with my family. The rest of the time we just sat around & played games, read magazines/books, chatted & enjoyed each others company.

This is our PACKED car...I promise you are in there somewhere!
Already in the dirt as soon as we got there...
Good thing we got this warning!
Setting up the tent
The tent was huge, thanks McCawley's!
This is our fun group on our hike
Always have something to say...
I would love to live here...if it were by the beach
Happy Birthday Mom!
Rainbows in the clouds
Snow in August!
Your first look...
& taste!
Fishing with Dad
I'm a big girl I can do it myself
Silly Kurt, catching a BIG one!
I ate the fish we caught...I had to pick it off the bones.
Good thing it was yummy!
ATV fun
Enjoying the lake

On the way there & home we stopped at the DELICIOUS Schat's Bakery!
This is another place I visited when I was little & love that
you are now experiencing it with us.
We had such a great time & can't wait to head back next summer!