Friday, April 27, 2012

San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park

So we got some Zoo passes & they have been so much fun!  We visited the Zoo one afternoon & it is SO big & has so much to see.  You both truly enjoyed all of the animals & making their noises.  Another day we took a trip to the Wild Animal Park.  There was not as much to see there as the zoo but Im hoping that once summer hits & they open all the exhibits back up we will get to see more animals.  It was still fun watching you both admire the different exhibits.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

29 Weeks!

Little Sis!

This week you weigh 2.5 pounds 15 inches long, the length of a butternut squash.  Your bones are getting stronger in there so I have been trying to drink milk daily, which is not my favorite.  I have been eating cereal almost every morning so that I make sure to have my milk :)

I had the wonderful opportunity to get away for the weekend with our church.  They bless us staff wives each year with a relaxing retreat at this fabulous little bed & breakfast.  It was a great time for me to relax & get a little break from the crazy schedule I keep most times.  Your dad & grandma helped out with Hallee & Kingston so you had me all to yourself.  I look forward to this weekend each year because I get a pampering massage, delicious food, sleeping in & much needed girl time.  I always leave feeling refreshed & encouraged by the other wives there.  Needless to say I am a spoiled little lady & have to head back to reality this week. 

I can't wait to share relaxing moments with just the two of us with you in my arms.  I pray that you learn the importance of recharging & community early in life.  My hope is that I get better at this & can be a great example to you of the important qualities of life.  We love you so much baby girl, cant wait to kiss your face!!

Lots & Lots of love
Your Mother

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

28 Weeks!


We are officially in our 3rd trimester, the home stretch is here!! We got to visit the doctor this week & hear your sweet little heartbeat, that never gets old.  I start visiting the doctor every 2 weeks from here on out so I will get to hear you more often so the extra visits are worth it.  I also had to do the annoying glucose test this week!  That is when they make you drink this lime sugar water (tastes like flat sprite) & sit there for an hour until they draw your blood.  The worst part is that they make you fast before the test so I was SO hungry by the time my test was done!!

You weigh the same as a Chinese cabbage. I have to admit I have never seen one, that I know of so I really don't know how big that is.  All I know is that it is approximately 2 1/4 pounds.  I feel like you should weigh more then that since I personally feel SO big!  Lucky for me I have your daddy that reminds me how pretty I am & how good I look.  You are going to love how great he is at complimenting his girls!  Love you so much little one.



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

27 Weeks!


This week was Easter so we were able to celebrate all that was done for us on the Cross.  It is always exciting to think about how different our holiday experence will be next year when you are here to enjoy it with us.  I can't wait to see you in your sweet little Easter dress & pretty little bow!  Hopefully you will keep your bow on your head unlike your sissy :)

You went through a growth sprit this week & are now 2 pounds, the size of a head of a cauliflower. You are already opening & closing your eyes & maybe even sucking your thumb.  Don't get used to being a thumb sucker your mommy is kind of a stickler on that one.  Im sure that your daddy will let you get away with it when he is with you.

I have to let you know that Hallee is really excited to meet you.  She has been carrying her baby around the house & feeding her & loving on her.  She is going to be such a big sister to you.  Im sure she will be sad that I wont be letting her carry you around the house but she will have lots of kisses for you.  We pray that you know you are loved beyond words!!

Hugs & Kisses

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We started our Easter morning at church. It is the perfect place to gain perspective on the day. He is not here, he has risen! Why do you look for the living among the dead? Luke 24:5-6. This is one of the most important days to us as Christ followers, I look forward to teaching you more about it in the years to come. After services our church had decided to donate chicks on behalf of the individuals that attended services. The chicks are going overseas to help provide for those in need. So they brought in some little chicks for us to hold & take pictures with, they were so cute! Then we came home & had a delicious brunch thanks to pinterest! Opened baskets & did a little egg hunt in the back yard. We had a very eventful morning!

Daddy's little girl
Giving noses!
Too cute!

And hugs

Petting the chicks
Basket time!

It's a da Mermaid!!
Of course you found the candy...
like father like daughter!
Radio Flyer!!

Lovin' his Pider Man blanket Auntie Pam
made him & his sand toys
Egg Hunt time!

After naps since Daddy had to work until 3pm we did another little egg hunt & rode around on our bikes. It was fun to spend some time just the 4.5 of us.

Since I can't ride alone
lets give baby a ride

The effects of a LONG day :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coloring Eggs

This was a new adventure for us since last year you were only 6 months old. WOW how much fun it is to see the two of you enjoy coloring eggs. I have to admit I had all these grand plans of what our eggs would look like but with 2 toddlers that was silly. Lets just say that we ended up with mixed solid eggs with awesome Mickey Mouse stickers on them. They were perfect & all that matters is that the two of you had a great time.

Kingston was SO excited!!
Watch out for Halzilla!

Lets just say NONE of our eggs survived
without cracks in them

I think I ended up with more on my
fingers then any of the eggs...
Of course stickers (ssticks) were much
more fun on each other!