Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Love!

Today is valentines day and I cant wait until this time next year when I get to celebrate it with you. Every time I see a baby it makes me want you here more. It seems like everything I do I imagine how much better it will be when you are here. I love you and cant wait to see you. Happy Valentines day.

Today we watched a show called 24 ( I am sure it is long off the air and will be something that is a joke by the time you read this) at some friends house. I had a ton of fun, but your mom is super sick. Every time she eats anything she feels sick for hours. I can tell you that not once have I heard her gripe. I cant tell you enough how special your mom is. I know that you are building a great relationship together right now as you are being made by God inside of her, but I hope you really take the time to see just how special she really is. I pray that you take after her in every way. I love you.

Your Dad

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