Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 4

Baby Girl!

This week you had another doctors appointment & you weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. That means you have gained almost a pound since your last appointment. You are in the 50% for your weight so that is great. You are now 21.75 inches long 75% for your height. The doctor said you are going to probably be pretty tall, you get that from your Papi Brook's side of the family. You can possibly even taller then your dad & myself...I guess that is not saying much. The doctor was impressed with how much you are trying to talk & scoot around.

You have definitely been cooing & trying to mimic our noises it is really cute to watch. If we make the OooOOoo sound you try to say it back to us. You have been smiling a lot more & will do it at almost any moment. You want us to hold you anytime you are awake & want us to take & play with you, it is so sweet! Its funny that you know when we are not paying attention to you because you will make a fake cry to get our attention. You really are so alert & will follow us around the room & watch what we are doing. You also really love the television so your daddy has been watching Disney movies with you. I think he really wants to watch them & says its you that wants to :) So cute!

It was also you first Halloween this week & you dressed up like a cute little flower. Wesley was a little bumble bee, the two of you were so cute. We went to BLOCKtober at the church & it was crazy. Since our church is so big there were over 10,000 people there, it was like being at Disneyland. You slept through the entire event, how you sleep when there is that much noise it beats me! It was fun to see all of the kids having so much fun, I'm looking forward to taking you back when you can Trick-or-Treat. I secretly wish you could have done that this year so that I could eat all of the candy.

We love you so much sweetie, know that we are praying for you always! Keep growing into a healthy beautiful little girl. We are SO proud of you & the amazing girl you already are.

Love you!
Cutest sleeping flower
She is just wondering why we woke her up!
Proud mommy & daddy
Cousins cute!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 3


This week has by far been my favorite & the hardest so far, I'm sure I will say that every week! You have started to smile & I just love to see your sweet little face light up. We have become the baby talking, make funny faces & noises parents just to see you smile. I always laughed at those parents that would look so goofy talking to their that is us! I would do anything to make you smile & if that means making mouth noises great!

This week has by far been your roughest week you have been fussy & not your happy self. They say that during week three you go through a growth spurt & that can make you a little unhappy. It makes your daddy & I so sad that you cry & there is nothing we can do to help you. You don't want to eat & you don't have a dirty diaper you are just sad. You love your pacifier & get upset when it falls out. You have now stared grabbing at it when its in your mouth & get so mad when you pull it out, you are so funny!

We had our first moment of wow she is getting bigger. We had to remove one of your head rest inserts. Your head used to be too small & had room now it is too big & rests on the outside of that padding. I was in denial & your dad had sit me down & tell me its was okay you were just growing up. :(

I also got to take you to pumpkin patch with my small group. You pretty much slept through the entire thing. I did wake you up to take some pictures with Wesley, so cute. I'm looking forward to taking you back next year when you can walk around & pick out your own pumpkin. We might have to start a family tradition & go to a farm where you can actually cut it off the vine.

Love you so much sweet pumpkin girl!

Sometimes I think she thinks she is a bird...or owl!
Pumpkin Patch Fun

This is a glimpse of me when I'm sad :(
Still cute!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 2

Sweet Girl!

This week has been so many changes! You are already looking different & getting bigger. We went to your 1 week check up & you now weigh 7 lbs 9 oz. The doctor said that you are extremely healthy It still seems surreal that you are our baby. Your daddy is so in love with you I just love watching him stare at you. It has been so nice that he has been able to stay home with me & help me get adjusted. You have been nursing every 3 hours pretty much like clock work...once again a punctual girl like you mom. This week you also lost your belly button stub so that is nice so we don't have to watch out for it when changing your diaper & baths.

You are such a sweet little girl & I'm so proud to call you my daughter! Know that your daddy & I love you very much.

Love always
This is your crazy fro after a bath :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 1 of new life...

Our first night alone was so great. We were excited to be in our own bed & start this new journey. I think that when everyone left Mike & I just sat in silence for a few minutes soaking in that she is ours. We are not just babysitting & waiting for the parents to come pick her up...we are the parents! We did not sleep great that first night but luckily we could just lay around the house the next day. One of my favorite things is when you are hungry I steal tons of kisses from you because you are trying to find food like a little cute!

This week we met up with Grandpa for lunch. This was one of your first little outing & you did fantastic! I was holding you while I was eating so I'm sure I was eating a little slower but I looked over at Grandpa & he was all done. He looked at me & said "I'm finished can I hold her now?!?!" It was so cute he ate so fast just so he could hold you. He is so excited about being a Grandpa, he asks us to send him pictures of you every day.

You had your first little sponge bath this week & you loved it. You really just laid there & let daddy clean you. You really like the warm water on your belly & head. I'm excited to see how you do in a real bath when your umbilical cord falls off. You also went to church for your first time this week. You were such a good little girl, you slept most of the time. I was a little nervous to take you because of germs, I wanted to put a sign on you that said "look but don't touch!" As soon as the students saw us walking up they came running to meet you, they love you so much! They were so great the just stared at you & can't wait until you are big enough to play with them.

So before you were born I said you would not be sleeping in our bed. Well lets just say that you are sleeping in our bed...I promise I'm not going to make a habit out of it. For right now we are all adjusting & if that is where you sleep better I'm okay with it. You also are the most particular girl, you know exactly what you want. You do not like to be swaddled because you like to have your hands next to your face. You also refuse to sleep on your back you must sleep on your side. I love to see your personality already starting to show.

All my love!
Your mom

My loves
My favorite
We did a lot of this...
and this...
Your first bath
Staring at your daddy
Hi eyeballs!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome Home!

We were discharged on October 5th & more then ready to come home.

I was a little emotional while we got you dressed in your cute coming home outfit. I could not believe that you are truly ours & we don't have to give you back. You were coming home with us, our little love bug! It was a little rainy outside & that gave us the excuse to drive 35mph, even though it was really because we had precious cargo. The drive home was pretty silent I think both your daddy & I were in shock. I just kept looking at your wonderful father in amazement & then at you in your seat. Your Grandma, Grandpa & Auntie Emily were there to welcome us home. We all just stared at you in our house, we showed you your room & where you live now. We have a new addition to our family that is the greatest gift God has given us. Your daddy & I would say that other then our wedding your birth is the best thing that has ever happened to us...I think they tie!
Getting you ready...
I felt like I was dressing a doll
So grown up

Our family

Sunday, October 3, 2010

40 Weeks...

Little Pumpkin!

On Saturday October 2nd, 2010 I woke up around 2:00am with some tougher contractions. They were still not extremely painful but they were definitely getting more regular. So I laid in bed and timed them for about 45 minutes & they were 5 minutes apart. When we took our birthing class they told us to call the doctor if our contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour or more. So I woke your daddy up & told him what was going on & that I was going to get in the shower. I wanted to make sure that I had shaved my legs & washed my hair just in case this was it! Your dad laughed at me but that's okay I wanted to make sure I ready. By the time I had got out of the shower & gotten ready my contractions had been 5 minutes apart for almost 2 hours so I called the doctor. They told me that they did not sound strong enough but to come in and get checked out. We were SO excited, this could be it!!

We arrived at the hospital around 4:00am & they took us up to the labor section of the hospital. They checked me out & I was only 1 1/2 centimeters & 60% effaced. The nurse was so sweet but they were not able to keep us since I was not far enough along. They gave me a sleeping pill to take when I got home to hopefully get some rest, it lasted for like 2 hours. When I got up my contractions were a little bit stronger but still 6-4 minutes apart. Your daddy & I went on a walk & that increased the contractions. I came home & tried to take a nap but I was too uncomfortable so we kind of just laid around. Around 1:00pm my contractions started to space out more so we thought they were going away. We got up & went on another walk & that helped speed them back up. By the time we got back home they were 4 minutes apart & much more painful. I have to admit that I was not really sure what exactly I was waiting for the pain to feel like. I was in a lot of pain & your dad was doing everything he could to make me more comfortable. We called the doctor again & they said to come back in since my contractions were closer & more painful. I was so afraid that we would get there & they would send us home. I was extremely exhausted & nauseous so I was not sure how I would handle having to go back home.

So we arrived at the hospital 12 hours after we had been sent home that morning & went back to labor & delivery for them to check me again. The nurse was so great she could see that I was in pain & was extremely kind to me. She examined me & said I was now 2 centimeters & 75% effaced. I was devastated that I had labored for 12 hours & had little change. The nurse really wanted to make sure they could admit me since I was extremely dehydrated & was throwing up. She suggested that we walk the halls of the hospital for an hour & hopefully that would make enough change that they could admit me. So that is what we did & could barely walk for 2 minutes before I was leaning against the wall having a contraction. You know you are in pain when you are pressing your cheek against the dirty hospital wall for the coldness. After an hour the nurse reexamined me & I was almost 3 centimeters & 100% effaced. She said she would call the doctor to see if they would be able to admit me. We could hear her on the phone pleading me case & thankfully the doctor said yes. I was officially admitted!!

Once I was admitted they moved me to my labor suite & ordered my epidural. My mother arrived shortly after we were admitted so that was a great support. Your dad was doing such a fantastic job talking me thru my contraction & encouraging me how strong I was. I was extremely thankful to have both of them there to love on me. The anesthesiologist arrived about an hour after we were admitted & administered my epidural. The worst part of the epidural was the numbing shot. After he was done I felt no more pain! Your grandma would say "Wow you are having a big contraction can you feel that?" Nope! It was amazing! The doctor came in & broke my water when I was at 5 centimeters & then I slept. I did not wake up until I was almost 9 centimeters. They told us at that point that we would probably be pushing in the next few hours. Sure enough I was completely dilated & feeling the pressure to push a little over an hour later.

The nurse came in & explained to me how to push properly & got me all ready. It was like Christmas Eve...we could not wait!! I still was not feeling anything other then the sensation to push. During my next contraction they had me push for 10 seconds 3 times in a row. Then I waited until the next contraction & did the same thing. We could see the top of your head after the first contraction & they told me that you had hair on your head, I could not believe it! Pushing was tiring but not as painful as I thought it was going to be, thanks to the epidural. I pushed for about 35 minutes & 6 contractions & then between contractions the doctor was keeping you from shrinking back in & you just popped out! I could not believe it! I was not even pushing & there you were!

Of course I started crying the second & heard you cry. They immediately brought you and placed you on my chest. Your daddy was right there looking at his girls in amazement, he was crying too. After you were there for a minute they took you back so your daddy could cut your umbilical cord. He said it was tougher then he thought it was going to be, it took a few cuts. Then while I birthed the placenta & was repaired they took you over to examine you. When you stared crying your dad stared talking to you & you stopped crying & looked right at him. I wish I could have seen this happen, I could just hear him loving on his new little girl. They cleaned you up & then your daddy brought you back over so that we could both see you. I was in awe, I could not believe you were here in our arms. You are definitely your mothers daughter, you arrived on your due date, punctual little one.

We then spent the next hour just the 3 of us bonding. I cannot begin to describe to you how amazing it was to look at you. I could not sleep I just wanted to stare at you & truly could not believe you are ours. We thanked God over & over for our perfect little girl & for his love for us. We feel so blessed that he has entrusted you to our care, it gives us a new perspective on His fatherly love. I was able to nurse you & you did fantastic. Both sets of grandparents were there to meet you right away. Family & friends came to visit you the next 2 days we were in the hospital. Our next 2 days in the hospital were wonderful, we did not have one complaint. All of the nurses were fantastic & extremely helpful. We were sad to leave them to so excited to bring our little girl home.

Hallee Jane Brook born October 3rd, 2010 7lbs 5oz 20 inches long, you were perfect!

I'm here!
Our first moment together
You LOVE daddy's voice
Crazy Cone Head
Proud Papa! (Yes those are tears)
Our alert little girl
His little girl

Saturday, October 2, 2010

39 Weeks

Our mini watermelon,

We are waiting for you to greet the world! You likely already measure about 20 inches & weigh a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. I really love watermelon, especially on a hot summer day. This week has been full of a lot of excitement as we wait for you to make your appearance.

This week has been extremely hot, I have been so glad that we had such a mild summer. Your daddy & I try to find things to do where it is nice & cool. The house has been around 90 degrees & since San Clemente does not have air that is pretty ridiculous. I went to work with your dad a few days & worked on some stuff at the offices so that I could enjoy the air conditioner there. I have secretly been hoping that I go into labor so that we get to spend time in the hospitals air conditioner. We went to the doctor again this week for our weekly check up & not much has changed. I was a little disappointed since I was really hoping they would say that you were ready. You are due on Sunday so we will see how close you are to your due date.

On Friday your daddy & I went to the mall to escape the heat & walk around. I started have contractions there were about 30 minutes apart but they were not too painful. That evening I went to my monthly bunco event with some of my great friends & by that time my contractions were 7-10 minutes apart. They were still not painful but they were coming more regularly so hopefully that means something. Your dad is extremely excited & has the bags packed & is ready to leave any second. We really hope that these contractions continue & that you will be here by the end of the weekend.

Hurry up little love we REALLY want to meet you. Love you so very much Hallee.