Monday, October 31, 2011

New Addition!


Sweet little one I can't believe you are in there. We are so excited to be blessed to make this journey again. There is something SO sweet about know that you are growing in there as I type this. I had a feeling the last few days that you might be in there so this morning I took the test to make sure. I called your daddy from the living room once I got the results & we just kept smiling at each other. Of course your big sissy wanted to know what was going on so we scooped her up & had our first family of 4 hug!

Right now you are the sweet size of a sesame seed and getting stronger each day. I am praying that you feel our love for you already & know you are so special to us. You are the new baby of the family & I hope you enjoy that role as much as Hallee has. Today is Halloween & we are dressing up as bakers & Hallee is a little cupcake, the great part is no one else will know that I'm "baking" another little one!

We are praying for you little love! Stay healthy in there & enjoy the next 9 months snuggled in my tummy!



We started out our night carving some pumpkins. This is my favorite part because it means baked pumpkin seeds!!
Of course Matt had a tool to cut the top off easily!
I cleaned the pumpkin & daddy did the carving...
So proud of his creative design...
pumpkin on a pumpkin!
Final masterpiece...
You really enjoyed Halloween. You had fun watching all of the other kids walking around. You picked up really quickly what this was all about. You walked right up to the house & gladly took their candy. Your favorite houses were those that had doggies for you to look at. The best part was that when you would get to the next house we would take the candy you got from the previous house to put in your bag & you would get SO mad. You wanted to make sure that you got to eat all of it...not happening! Maybe next year I will let you have more then 1 sucker :)

2 Bakers & a Cupcake
Kara the Duck
Mr. & Mrs. Stick Figure
Wes the Gnome
Enjoying your spoils..
Sharing with Daddy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sad Girl!

Sweet little girl you have had a rough few weeks. You had your very first ear infection, it was SO sad! We thought you were getting new teeth cause you were waking up in the middle of the night really upset. This went on for a few days & then you started getting a fever & tugging on your left ear. Your fever was 103.2 so the doctor had us take you in so they could take a look. Sure enough you had a middle ear infection. You did so great letting the doctor check you out. They gave you some amoxicillin to help with the infection. This helped your fever & pain really quick. You were back to your normal self in a few days. The best part was that we found out that you had cut 2 of your molars. Poor thing an ear infection & teeth at the same time. I'm glad you were a trooper, now lets get some sleep!!

Hot Dog!

You LOVE Mickey Mouse Club & your favorite part is when they do the Hot Dog dance at the very end. You stop everything you are doing & dance your little heart out. You can be half asleep or in the other room & that does not matter cause you run to the tv & dance, dance dance! You have recently started "singing" the song & it is too cute!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Pumpkin Patch Fun

We journeyed to a fun pumpkin patch at the Irvine Park. They had so much to do & the park was beautiful. We walked around the patch, fed the ducks, went in the bounce house & took lots of goofy pictures. We will have to make this our annual visiting place, we all loved it. We really want to go back for Christmas because we did not get a chance to ride the train & do the tractor ride.

Wanting to pet the horse

Enjoying the view
Chasing the beautiful peacocks

Silly ChaCha, Papi, Daddy & Mommy

Funny Girls
You sit like such a lady!
Bouncing in the bounce house

Gunna eat your way out
Feeding the ducks with Papi

You were not sure why you had to share your
sandwich with the the ducks

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Visit

My women's small group visited the pumpkin patch & you had so much fun. I really like Fall for the colors & I heart pumpkins!

Cute little hay butt!

Wishing you could ride the big kid rides...
Giddy Up!
You enjoyed sitting on the floor better...silly girl!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beach Sunset Dinner

We decided to have a fun little family dinner at the beach one evening. We bundled up, packed dinner & headed to North Beach. It was such a pretty night & fun way to spend sometime together. We really need to do this more often!

Sweet daddy daughter love!
Big girl can feed herself

Doing it all by yourself
Enjoying the beauty!