Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 17

Bundle of Joy!
This week marks 1 year since I started writing you weekly letters. It has been so much fun to document how the past year has changed my life. You have been the greatest blessing & joy, I'm truly honored to be your mother. I remember 1 year ago today when we found out we were having a little baby, amazing! I remember I did not think I was pregnant because the lines were very faint so I called the test makers & nice lady on the phone explained to me that I was indeed pregnant. I started crying (not surprising!) because I was so excited & the lady just kept asking me "are you ok miss" I think she thought I was disappointed or something. Your dad & I could not begin to imaging that in that moment our lives would never be the same. A little poppy seed was growing inside my belly & had already captured our hearts forever!
Daddy's 30th Birthday was this week! It was exciting to celebrate him & the amazing father, husband, leader, friend, son & Godly man he is. We had dinner at your grandparents house with both sides of the family there to love on him. The next day was superbowl & we were going to our friends Bill & Rebecca's house for a superbowl party & little did your dad know but everyone was there to surprise him. All of our friends from San Clemente were there for a surprise party, your dad had NO idea, it was so fun!
This is you hanging out with daddy at work
Every morning your dad takes a picture of how he has dressed you for the day. I think he is just showing me how very cute you are. Or maybe he is making sure that I know he can dress you cute too! We are still working on getting him to put a headband on before you leave. No matter what you are beautiful!!Hallee I pray that you know how very much you are loved. My hope is that you will grow up to see how beautiful you truly are. You are made in the image of God & are His prized creation remember that truth. I love you so much sweet baby girl!


Your mommy