Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 6

My cute Lentil Bean!

This week has been so wonderful. Your daddy and I are just so excited and want to scream from the rooftops that you are on your way. It has been sweet every night praying together about your continued growth. It has also been fun to pray about the amazing child you are going to be.

Your dad has been so sweet making sure that I’m okay and helping me as much as he can with the changes in my body. It is crazy how tired you make me by the end of the day. I have to admit it is nice to be able to go to bed early and not feel guilty that I’m going to miss out on something. I love how often your dad asks “I really have to wait 9 months to play with the baby, I want them here now.”

Your auntie Mel & uncle Adam got married this week, so you attended your first wedding! It was really hard being around the family and not telling them about you. We just did not want to steal that special moment from them. It is exciting having a little secret that when we look at each other we can’t help but smile and think of you.

We set up time to meet with both sides of the family next week to surprise them. I cry just thinking about telling them, they are going to be ecstatic. Both of your grandmothers are criers so I will be sure to not wear my mascara in the morning. I cant wait for you meet your family, you are going to love them & they already love you even though they don’t know yet.

Love you so much!
Your Mom

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