Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 8

My lovely Kidney Bean!

We told your grandparents this week that we were expecting you! It was so much fun, let me just say that there was A LOT of crying and screaming. We created a book of some pictures that our friends Travis and Hayley took of us a few months ago. We knew that we were going to be trying so we had them take some pictures of us with baby stuff. One of them we had them hang a clothes line with baby onsies on it and the other one we are holding these cute little uggs.

First we told my parents and they just could not believe it. Your grandma just said Are you pregnant? Seriously?!?! How come you did not tell me! I had to remind her that I wanted it to be a surprise. Your Uncle Daniel and Aunt Nicole were there to share in the surprise. They are very very excited since you will be their first little grandbaby and niece or nephew. I think they had thought that we were never going to have kids. We also got to tell your Aunt Emily, she did not believe me, she is really excited.

Your grandpa figured it out first and just kept staring at me waiting for me to tell him he was right. Your grandma just started scream “NO Way…NO Way…Really?...NO Way!! It was so funny. All of your Aunts and Uncles came of after that and we got to tell them too. Your Aunt Sarah is so excited to have her first niece or nephew and for Caleb and Jason to have a little cousin to play with.

I can’t wait to show you the book and the funny videos we took of us telling your grandparents. Love you more then you can know!

Your mother

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