Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 Weeks!


This week was so much fun! It was Thanksgiving & boy do we have TONS to be thankful for! I thank God that he has blessed us with you & the love he has for our little family. We spent lots of time with our family & eating SO much food. You are the size of a Kidney Bean this week but you would think you were much bigger because I did not have much room for food in there. I might just have to have 2nd turkey dinner after this morning sickness is gone.

We got to tell our families about your expected arrival in July & lets just say they were surprised & ecstatic!! We had your big sis wear a cute tutu & shirt that said "This Little Turkey is going to be a Big Sister" When we walked into Grandma & Grandpas house we got your normal warm greeting so it was perfect. After Grandma read the shirt she cried, hugged & asked a ton of questions! The Grandpa came into the house & after he read the shirt he also had beg huggs & lots of excitement to share. They just love being Grandparents & they are really good at it so it works out for both of us.

The next day we went to Papi & ChaCha's house for Thanksgiving with daddy's side of the family. Your grandma was the first one to read your shirt & no one else really had to because she yelled & screamed enought for all to hear. It is always fun to see her reaction because she dances & gets so excited. You will be the 6 grandchild on that side of the family & you would think you were the first by how happy they are. I just love that you will have all those cousins to grow up with.

Next week we get to go to the doctors to see you & also confirm there is only one of you in there. There has been much joking that I am going to have twins since my morning sickness has been so different this time. I just can't wait to hear your sweet heartbeat!! Love you sweet one!

Lots of Love,
Your Mother

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Weeks!


I am feeling your presence more the ever this week. I have been pretty sick so that is no fun but I will take a little throwing up know the gift I get in the end. You are the size of a Blueberry this week & that is something we love around here. Hallee eats blueberries like candy so everything she has some I think of you.

We are really excited to tell all of our family next week at Thanksgiving! They are going to be SO excited because they have no idea we were planning you. I bet you that your grandma cries & hugs us so tight. I can picture grandma ChaCha jumping up & down & then starting to talk to my stomach. They love you so much already, you are one lucky little one.

My sweet friend Brittany had her little man this week so I got to hold another newborn. I am for sure getting my baby fix & that is good cause I have a few months until I get to cuddle you. Ace is one sweet little boy I am sure that you & your sissy will be having many play dates with him. Stay strong in there love, we love you very much!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6 Weeks!


We have had a great few days since finding out you were on your way...well in 34 more weeks! It has been so much fun walking around thinking before we know it you will be here. You are the tiny size of a lentil this week but I have already started feeling a little pregnant so that is a great sign in my book. The only bummer is that I am having so morning (all day) sickness already. I am hoping that it comes & goes quickly because it is no fun.

This week your little cousin Cadience was born & we went to visit your aunt Sarah & uncle Josh in the hospital. It was sweet holding a newborn again. It made your daddy & I so excited for July when you arrive. Your cousins are going to be so excited to have another friend to play with. Your sister will show you around & protect you when the boys get a little crazy.

We love you little one more then you know already!! Keep growing in there sweetie!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Sis!

Hallee Jane!

We found out that you are going to be a big sissy!! We are so excited for this new role you will have. We prayed before we decided to have another baby & it was more then evident that you were truly made to be a big sister. You have such a sweet personality & just love other there is no doubt that you will excel in this area too. You are such a loving, caring, sharing, funny & energetic little girl I know you will enjoy having someone to share growing up with.

I want you to know that this little one is not going to replace you & our bond. You are my sweet little girl & this new addition will have its own place in my heart. I have cherished the past few years sharing life with you in my belly & here on earth. I promise that the next 9 months as we prepare for this new baby I will make time for the 2 of us. I want to soak up the last few months of it being just me & you.

Know that because you are such an amazing little girl that is what made us want another child. You are so much fun we just could not imagine having another one for you to play with & love on. We love you so very much big sister!! I am praying that over the next 9 months you will grow & become well prepared for your new sibling.

All my love,