Sunday, September 18, 2011

7 Years Ago...

Your dad & I got married September 18, 2004. We had dated for over 5 years & were anxiously ready to start our new life together. We had the pleasure of celebrating with all of our family & close friends. I look forward to sharing with you all the wonderful details & pictures when you are older. I pray that someday you meet someone as wonderful as your dad. I'm definatly not ready to see you walk down the aisle, so please take your time!

For our anniversary your dad surprised me with a fun date in LA. He picked me up from work & took me to dinner (Chick-fil-a) my choice!! Then we drove to Hollywood Blvd where we were going to see the new Cirque du Soleil IRIS. It was so amazing!! We spent a few hours before the show walking around looking at the stars, shopping & our favorite people watching. You can get a lot of good people watching in down there for sure! It was a wonderful night speding time talking about the highlights of the last 7 years & where we look forward to being in the years ahead. I love that man SO very much!

Visiting Dad's favorite star!

After the show we went on a little adventure to
have some delicious hot dogs...yum!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Surprise 50!

So the most fantastic, talented, loving & beautiful person turned 50! You may know here as Pamela Janice McCoy, mom, grandma & friend...all of these she is amazing at! She ALWAYS puts other in front of herself so it was so fun to do something for her. She never likes people to go out of their way so we knew if we told her that we wanted to throw her a 50th B-day party she would not be on board, so started the surprise planning. I told her that I wanted a little "mom daughter" time so we spent the day together shopping. When we got to the house we were "picking" my dad up from she was more then surprised. I had been so worried that she would get it out of me somehow. We are so close I figured she would be able to tell something was going on but nope WE PULLED IT OFF!!
The Surprise!
(My bro & I were right...tears within 30 seconds!)
Great Grandma Patsy Jane & sweet Hallee Jane!
Mingling with friends

It was such a joy to celebrate someone who deserves it more then anyone I know. Happy Birthday, we love you SO much!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Maiden Voyage

Our friends Matt, Jenna & Kara recently acquired this fantastic boat. So after much dedication & work we were able to take the boat out on its maiden voyage. It was so much fun & such a beautiful day. We all look forward to making memories aboard this boat.

And she's off!!
Captain Matty!
Had to christen the boat!
The girls just hanging w/ the kiddos
Such a beautiful view!

We made some new friends on the way

Friday, September 2, 2011

10 Months


You are so much fun! It has become such a blessing to be able to be home with you. I really can't imagine working full time again because I feel like I would miss so much of your development. I honestly feel like you do something new or different every day. This summer has been so busy for all of us so you have definitely been out of any type of norm but have adjusted well. There have been a few hiccups in your sleeping but nothing we can't adjust to.

Walking has become the new normal & you are pretty much running (or at least attempting to) everywhere you go. You would prefer to not wear shoes but we are working on that. You have such great balance so you have really avoided having many bumps & bruises. That has been a blessing because I was worried since you were so adventurous that mastering walking would come with many ice packs & band-aides.

You have been so much better about taking 2 naps a day that last about 1-1 1/2 hours. That has been great for mommy's sanity because now I can get some stuff done around the house. You love your crib & that has been something we have learned with all the traveling we have done this summer. You really don't enjoy sleeping in a pack-n-play but you will if you must. You tend to just wake up a few times during the night but then fall back to sleep. I think this is because there is not much padding in the pack-n-play & you roll around A LOT when you sleep. The nice thing is you sleep until at least 7am most nights when you are in your crib...thank you for that!

Some of your new words are baaabee (baby) to all of your dolls & other little kids. The way you say it is so sweet, it is probably my favorite word you say. You also say mud butt ALL the time & we have NO idea what it means, I can't wait until we figure it out. You also say geerp (grape) & burrberry (blueberry). You are so funny & talk all the time like we are totally have a conversation.

Your favorite toys are your baby & my old kitchen set & shopping cart. My parents saved my kitchen set & all the pieces from when I was little & now you are in love. You walk around pushing the shopping cart & playing with all the food for hours. It is awesome & brings back memories for me!
You have started walking up to us & taking our hand & walking us to where you want to play. You also take us to show us something. Like you now take my hand & walk me to the fridge when you are hungry...silly girl! You just LOVE food! You are truly your daddy's daughter. You love cheese, meat, veggies, beans & especially fruit. You can eat grapes, blueberries, strawberries & oddly enough green beans all day long. The truth is you will not turn down anything.
Thank you Hallee for bringing so much joy. We pray for you often & can't wait to see how your personality glorifies God in the years to come. Love you so much baby!!

Your Mother

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lake Havasu

We were able to head to Lake Havasu to visit Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa for a few days. Grandpa was able to make the trip with us as well. We all had so much fun spending some time together. We really wish the greats lived closer to us. Also that they did not live somewhere that was 111 degrees!! :)

You really enjoyed Great Grandpas retro barber chair!
You became best friends with "baby!" We need to name her :)
You look like such a big girl!
Water time with Grandpa...look at those rosy hot cheeks!
Trying to keep cool...its hard when its 111 & the water is 85!
Im not sure why you like to eat rocks so much, I promise we feed you!
You really don't like to be told NO more eating rocks!
The drive there & back was about 5 hours & you were good while you napped but a little mad when you woke up & could not figure out why we could not let you out of that dang seat! All in all it was a great trip & we look forward to seeing them again soon!