Monday, July 25, 2011


So far this summer we have had a lot of fun!

We spent an entire week at HSM camp with some awesome people. You had so much fun playing with all of the kids there & they just soaked up your cuteness. While we were at camp your daddy & I were the MC's at each of the nightly sessions. We had such a great time being on stage together because that does not happen very often. The great part was that each night they had a different theme so we dressed accordingly. The best part of the week was getting to watch the students worship & learn more about our awesome God. I look forward to someday when you get to have those same experiences.
Pirate Night
Don't let your kids play with knives...but you loved it!
Star Wars Night
Little Yoda

We also had the opportunity to take all of our graduated 2011 Seniors on a little getaway. We were able to celebrate the legacy they are leaving in our ministry. We headed up to Lake Arrowhead & went hiking, played games, laughed, eat way to much food & enjoyed each others company. So proud of the each of these students & their great love for Jesus. I miss them already!!
Delicious Cedar Creek Malt Shop

Oh Emmy...
This time of the year is so beautiful & green

Such characters....
Awesome rope tree!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kara Joy!

Your sweet friend Kara turned 1 today! It was so much fun celebrating her! The two of you are being such sweet little friends, it is such a joy to watch. We got to take some 1st Birthday pictures that truly captured her fun personality. Kara is such a loving little girl with the sweetest little voice & the most contagious laugh. We are blessed to have the awesomeMcCawley family in our life.

Happy Happy Birthday Kara!!

This is my her face!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Gotta love those TOMS!!

I think that the 4th is officially one of my favorite holidays!! I just LOVE fireworks!! They are so magical looking & they wow me every time! I remember dreaming last year about how your little face would light up watching them. This year we spent the early part of the day with dad's side of the family just enjoying each other company. We came home in the afternoon & had a dinner BBQ & played games with Matt, Jenna & Kara. It is so much fun watching the two of you girls develop your friendship! I feel like every time we hang out the two of you learn how to play so well is so sweet! I know how much we cherish their friendship so it is a joy to see the two of you enjoy being friends as well.

After dinner we walked over to the bluff next to our house to watch the fireworks. It is so nice that empty lot is there because it has such a beautiful view. We can see the ocean & sunset perfectly. From that spot we were able to see the fireworks at the San Clemente pier, Dana Point harbor, Mission Viejo lake & Laguna Beach. It is fantastic because we could see everything & not have to fight the crowd or be close to the loud boom. I think that until the build something there that will be our firework viewing station.

Love the reflection on the water

Cute dads!

You were enamoured by the pretty lights & just kept looking from one show to the next. I can't wait until our Disneyland passes are unblocked so that we can watch their fabulous show.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

8 Months

Wow I can't believe that 8 months have already gone by! You are such a big girl!! We went toSCHS graduation & I feel like I am going to blink by eyes & that is going to be you. I love the stage you are in right now just as much as the last so I'm sure it will be like that your entire life. I don't want you to grow up but there are times when I find myself saying I can't wait until she can... I need to stop doing that because you will be there before I know it!

This month you have learned a few new "tricks" that are so cute. You now can do Pat-a-cake all by yourself. We just have to start singing the song & away you go, it so so funny. Then when you are done you always clap & say YAY!! You have also mastered waiving hi & bye. When you waive hello you say "Hiiii" in your sweet little voice. Your waive is so sweet, it is like a wrist flop up & down. It is really funny that has become how we waive to you now.

You are still mastering walking around the house. You will still only take a few steps alone but will cruise from one thing to the next in no time. You like to walk around holing one of our hands instead of two now...of course you are a big girl! The last few days you have been standing up not using anything to pull you up. You go from a sit to a froggie squat & then just stand up. I can't believe it the one day that you were with grandma you did it for the first time, I hate missing your firsts!!

You now have 5 teeth, you got 3 of your top teeth in this month. The funny thing is that you got your 1st & 2nd teeth on the right side but only the 2nd one on the left. So now when you smile you have your 2 bottom front teeth & then have a gap on the left top. I am sure that it will poke through sometime soon.

Hallee I say this all the time but I love you so much. We truly could not imagine a better little girl. You defiantly have your moments but overall you are such a joy filled girl. I hope that is a characteristic you carry with you your entire life. I pray that you can find that joy in Christ & stay connected to Him. Lately I have been praying for your future husband, that he will love you like your daddy loves us. That he will love the Lord & be the foundation of your household. I know that marriage will be many many years from now but it is never too early to start, since God already knows who he is! Love you to the moon & back sweetie!

We love California Adventure!

Your first little were such a trooper!

Lets Go Dodgers!

We were able to take you to your very first Baseball Game!! We bought your daddy tickets for Father's Day to go see our DODGERS play the Angles. He was so excited to take his girls to the game.

We headed down early so we could see batting practice. It was so much fun!! I remember when my dad would take me to games & we would sit in the outfield & try to catch balls. The great thing is that when we got there the Dodgers were taking batting practice & Matt Kemp hit a home run into our section. The workers were picking up the balls & passing them out to the fans so your daddy took you over & told them it was your 1st game & the worker happily gave you a ball. We were so jealous & happy for you, we have come to SO many games & never gotten a ball...LUCKY!! You enjoyed holding & trying to eat it.

You had fun looking at all that was going on & waiving to anyone that walked by. The seats next to us were empty so you even got to sit like a big girl for some of the game. Our seats were located next to the bullpen so I took you over to watch the pitchers warm up. When we got over there all of the players sitting on the bench started waving to you, it was so cute!! You truly enjoyed the game & did well sitting there for 8 innings, then you fell asleep.

You did a great job cheering for the Dodgers!!

I have to say that it was the perfect first game! First baseball, bullpen friends, you looked SO cute...the only bummer was they did not win but oh well!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Palm Springs

So we went on our first little family vacation!! We are blessed that every year student ministries takes your daddy & I to palm springs to have a little getaway. It is a special thank you for the past year & relaxation before the busy summer program starts up. Last year was so much fun because your dad & I just floated in the pool to stay cool. I can't believe that here we are a year later & you were there with us!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous since children don't normally come but since you are still nursing we got to bring you with us. I was not sure how you would do in the heat & being in a strange place. I prepared myself to need to spend lots of time in the hotel room just in case. Why do I do that!?!? Of course you were perfect!! You truly are such a great baby...big girl. You loved the pool and spending time in your little raft. You would seriously float in your raft for an hour at a time. Then we would go get a snack or take a nap & head right back to the pool. You did not get sun burnt & that was a big fear I had.

You were such a trooper at night too! Since there was such a big group of us we would be at dinner for hours & out way past your bed time & you did not make a peep. The nice thing was you slept so great, probably from the pool time & staying up late. Two of the mornings I actually woke up before you which rarely happens. It was fun being in a hotel where we had nothing that need to get done so we just laid in bed in the morning & played. This trip was so refreshing for all of us!!

This was our life raft ever!

This sweet tutu bathing suit is the very first purchase your daddy & I
made when we found out we were having a little girl! :)

You enjoyed your new "friend" in the mirror
You just kept waiving to each other