Saturday, July 2, 2011

8 Months

Wow I can't believe that 8 months have already gone by! You are such a big girl!! We went toSCHS graduation & I feel like I am going to blink by eyes & that is going to be you. I love the stage you are in right now just as much as the last so I'm sure it will be like that your entire life. I don't want you to grow up but there are times when I find myself saying I can't wait until she can... I need to stop doing that because you will be there before I know it!

This month you have learned a few new "tricks" that are so cute. You now can do Pat-a-cake all by yourself. We just have to start singing the song & away you go, it so so funny. Then when you are done you always clap & say YAY!! You have also mastered waiving hi & bye. When you waive hello you say "Hiiii" in your sweet little voice. Your waive is so sweet, it is like a wrist flop up & down. It is really funny that has become how we waive to you now.

You are still mastering walking around the house. You will still only take a few steps alone but will cruise from one thing to the next in no time. You like to walk around holing one of our hands instead of two now...of course you are a big girl! The last few days you have been standing up not using anything to pull you up. You go from a sit to a froggie squat & then just stand up. I can't believe it the one day that you were with grandma you did it for the first time, I hate missing your firsts!!

You now have 5 teeth, you got 3 of your top teeth in this month. The funny thing is that you got your 1st & 2nd teeth on the right side but only the 2nd one on the left. So now when you smile you have your 2 bottom front teeth & then have a gap on the left top. I am sure that it will poke through sometime soon.

Hallee I say this all the time but I love you so much. We truly could not imagine a better little girl. You defiantly have your moments but overall you are such a joy filled girl. I hope that is a characteristic you carry with you your entire life. I pray that you can find that joy in Christ & stay connected to Him. Lately I have been praying for your future husband, that he will love you like your daddy loves us. That he will love the Lord & be the foundation of your household. I know that marriage will be many many years from now but it is never too early to start, since God already knows who he is! Love you to the moon & back sweetie!

We love California Adventure!

Your first little were such a trooper!

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