Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Gotta love those TOMS!!

I think that the 4th is officially one of my favorite holidays!! I just LOVE fireworks!! They are so magical looking & they wow me every time! I remember dreaming last year about how your little face would light up watching them. This year we spent the early part of the day with dad's side of the family just enjoying each other company. We came home in the afternoon & had a dinner BBQ & played games with Matt, Jenna & Kara. It is so much fun watching the two of you girls develop your friendship! I feel like every time we hang out the two of you learn how to play so well is so sweet! I know how much we cherish their friendship so it is a joy to see the two of you enjoy being friends as well.

After dinner we walked over to the bluff next to our house to watch the fireworks. It is so nice that empty lot is there because it has such a beautiful view. We can see the ocean & sunset perfectly. From that spot we were able to see the fireworks at the San Clemente pier, Dana Point harbor, Mission Viejo lake & Laguna Beach. It is fantastic because we could see everything & not have to fight the crowd or be close to the loud boom. I think that until the build something there that will be our firework viewing station.

Love the reflection on the water

Cute dads!

You were enamoured by the pretty lights & just kept looking from one show to the next. I can't wait until our Disneyland passes are unblocked so that we can watch their fabulous show.

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  1. Her 4th outfit was sooooo cute!!!! I love it!