Monday, July 25, 2011


So far this summer we have had a lot of fun!

We spent an entire week at HSM camp with some awesome people. You had so much fun playing with all of the kids there & they just soaked up your cuteness. While we were at camp your daddy & I were the MC's at each of the nightly sessions. We had such a great time being on stage together because that does not happen very often. The great part was that each night they had a different theme so we dressed accordingly. The best part of the week was getting to watch the students worship & learn more about our awesome God. I look forward to someday when you get to have those same experiences.
Pirate Night
Don't let your kids play with knives...but you loved it!
Star Wars Night
Little Yoda

We also had the opportunity to take all of our graduated 2011 Seniors on a little getaway. We were able to celebrate the legacy they are leaving in our ministry. We headed up to Lake Arrowhead & went hiking, played games, laughed, eat way to much food & enjoyed each others company. So proud of the each of these students & their great love for Jesus. I miss them already!!
Delicious Cedar Creek Malt Shop

Oh Emmy...
This time of the year is so beautiful & green

Such characters....
Awesome rope tree!

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