Friday, July 1, 2011

Palm Springs

So we went on our first little family vacation!! We are blessed that every year student ministries takes your daddy & I to palm springs to have a little getaway. It is a special thank you for the past year & relaxation before the busy summer program starts up. Last year was so much fun because your dad & I just floated in the pool to stay cool. I can't believe that here we are a year later & you were there with us!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous since children don't normally come but since you are still nursing we got to bring you with us. I was not sure how you would do in the heat & being in a strange place. I prepared myself to need to spend lots of time in the hotel room just in case. Why do I do that!?!? Of course you were perfect!! You truly are such a great baby...big girl. You loved the pool and spending time in your little raft. You would seriously float in your raft for an hour at a time. Then we would go get a snack or take a nap & head right back to the pool. You did not get sun burnt & that was a big fear I had.

You were such a trooper at night too! Since there was such a big group of us we would be at dinner for hours & out way past your bed time & you did not make a peep. The nice thing was you slept so great, probably from the pool time & staying up late. Two of the mornings I actually woke up before you which rarely happens. It was fun being in a hotel where we had nothing that need to get done so we just laid in bed in the morning & played. This trip was so refreshing for all of us!!

This was our life raft ever!

This sweet tutu bathing suit is the very first purchase your daddy & I
made when we found out we were having a little girl! :)

You enjoyed your new "friend" in the mirror
You just kept waiving to each other

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