Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lets Go Dodgers!

We were able to take you to your very first Baseball Game!! We bought your daddy tickets for Father's Day to go see our DODGERS play the Angles. He was so excited to take his girls to the game.

We headed down early so we could see batting practice. It was so much fun!! I remember when my dad would take me to games & we would sit in the outfield & try to catch balls. The great thing is that when we got there the Dodgers were taking batting practice & Matt Kemp hit a home run into our section. The workers were picking up the balls & passing them out to the fans so your daddy took you over & told them it was your 1st game & the worker happily gave you a ball. We were so jealous & happy for you, we have come to SO many games & never gotten a ball...LUCKY!! You enjoyed holding & trying to eat it.

You had fun looking at all that was going on & waiving to anyone that walked by. The seats next to us were empty so you even got to sit like a big girl for some of the game. Our seats were located next to the bullpen so I took you over to watch the pitchers warm up. When we got over there all of the players sitting on the bench started waving to you, it was so cute!! You truly enjoyed the game & did well sitting there for 8 innings, then you fell asleep.

You did a great job cheering for the Dodgers!!

I have to say that it was the perfect first game! First baseball, bullpen friends, you looked SO cute...the only bummer was they did not win but oh well!

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