Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 4

Baby Girl!

This week you had another doctors appointment & you weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. That means you have gained almost a pound since your last appointment. You are in the 50% for your weight so that is great. You are now 21.75 inches long 75% for your height. The doctor said you are going to probably be pretty tall, you get that from your Papi Brook's side of the family. You can possibly even taller then your dad & myself...I guess that is not saying much. The doctor was impressed with how much you are trying to talk & scoot around.

You have definitely been cooing & trying to mimic our noises it is really cute to watch. If we make the OooOOoo sound you try to say it back to us. You have been smiling a lot more & will do it at almost any moment. You want us to hold you anytime you are awake & want us to take & play with you, it is so sweet! Its funny that you know when we are not paying attention to you because you will make a fake cry to get our attention. You really are so alert & will follow us around the room & watch what we are doing. You also really love the television so your daddy has been watching Disney movies with you. I think he really wants to watch them & says its you that wants to :) So cute!

It was also you first Halloween this week & you dressed up like a cute little flower. Wesley was a little bumble bee, the two of you were so cute. We went to BLOCKtober at the church & it was crazy. Since our church is so big there were over 10,000 people there, it was like being at Disneyland. You slept through the entire event, how you sleep when there is that much noise it beats me! It was fun to see all of the kids having so much fun, I'm looking forward to taking you back when you can Trick-or-Treat. I secretly wish you could have done that this year so that I could eat all of the candy.

We love you so much sweetie, know that we are praying for you always! Keep growing into a healthy beautiful little girl. We are SO proud of you & the amazing girl you already are.

Love you!
Cutest sleeping flower
She is just wondering why we woke her up!
Proud mommy & daddy
Cousins cute!

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