Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 3


This week has by far been my favorite & the hardest so far, I'm sure I will say that every week! You have started to smile & I just love to see your sweet little face light up. We have become the baby talking, make funny faces & noises parents just to see you smile. I always laughed at those parents that would look so goofy talking to their that is us! I would do anything to make you smile & if that means making mouth noises great!

This week has by far been your roughest week you have been fussy & not your happy self. They say that during week three you go through a growth spurt & that can make you a little unhappy. It makes your daddy & I so sad that you cry & there is nothing we can do to help you. You don't want to eat & you don't have a dirty diaper you are just sad. You love your pacifier & get upset when it falls out. You have now stared grabbing at it when its in your mouth & get so mad when you pull it out, you are so funny!

We had our first moment of wow she is getting bigger. We had to remove one of your head rest inserts. Your head used to be too small & had room now it is too big & rests on the outside of that padding. I was in denial & your dad had sit me down & tell me its was okay you were just growing up. :(

I also got to take you to pumpkin patch with my small group. You pretty much slept through the entire thing. I did wake you up to take some pictures with Wesley, so cute. I'm looking forward to taking you back next year when you can walk around & pick out your own pumpkin. We might have to start a family tradition & go to a farm where you can actually cut it off the vine.

Love you so much sweet pumpkin girl!

Sometimes I think she thinks she is a bird...or owl!
Pumpkin Patch Fun

This is a glimpse of me when I'm sad :(
Still cute!

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  1. She is so precious, and I LOVE her cute little owl hat! :)