Tuesday, November 22, 2011

7 Weeks!


I am feeling your presence more the ever this week. I have been pretty sick so that is no fun but I will take a little throwing up know the gift I get in the end. You are the size of a Blueberry this week & that is something we love around here. Hallee eats blueberries like candy so everything she has some I think of you.

We are really excited to tell all of our family next week at Thanksgiving! They are going to be SO excited because they have no idea we were planning you. I bet you that your grandma cries & hugs us so tight. I can picture grandma ChaCha jumping up & down & then starting to talk to my stomach. They love you so much already, you are one lucky little one.

My sweet friend Brittany had her little man this week so I got to hold another newborn. I am for sure getting my baby fix & that is good cause I have a few months until I get to cuddle you. Ace is one sweet little boy I am sure that you & your sissy will be having many play dates with him. Stay strong in there love, we love you very much!


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