Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6 Weeks!


We have had a great few days since finding out you were on your way...well in 34 more weeks! It has been so much fun walking around thinking before we know it you will be here. You are the tiny size of a lentil this week but I have already started feeling a little pregnant so that is a great sign in my book. The only bummer is that I am having so morning (all day) sickness already. I am hoping that it comes & goes quickly because it is no fun.

This week your little cousin Cadience was born & we went to visit your aunt Sarah & uncle Josh in the hospital. It was sweet holding a newborn again. It made your daddy & I so excited for July when you arrive. Your cousins are going to be so excited to have another friend to play with. Your sister will show you around & protect you when the boys get a little crazy.

We love you little one more then you know already!! Keep growing in there sweetie!


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