Tuesday, November 29, 2011

8 Weeks!


This week was so much fun! It was Thanksgiving & boy do we have TONS to be thankful for! I thank God that he has blessed us with you & the love he has for our little family. We spent lots of time with our family & eating SO much food. You are the size of a Kidney Bean this week but you would think you were much bigger because I did not have much room for food in there. I might just have to have 2nd turkey dinner after this morning sickness is gone.

We got to tell our families about your expected arrival in July & lets just say they were surprised & ecstatic!! We had your big sis wear a cute tutu & shirt that said "This Little Turkey is going to be a Big Sister" When we walked into Grandma & Grandpas house we got your normal warm greeting so it was perfect. After Grandma read the shirt she cried, hugged & asked a ton of questions! The Grandpa came into the house & after he read the shirt he also had beg huggs & lots of excitement to share. They just love being Grandparents & they are really good at it so it works out for both of us.

The next day we went to Papi & ChaCha's house for Thanksgiving with daddy's side of the family. Your grandma was the first one to read your shirt & no one else really had to because she yelled & screamed enought for all to hear. It is always fun to see her reaction because she dances & gets so excited. You will be the 6 grandchild on that side of the family & you would think you were the first by how happy they are. I just love that you will have all those cousins to grow up with.

Next week we get to go to the doctors to see you & also confirm there is only one of you in there. There has been much joking that I am going to have twins since my morning sickness has been so different this time. I just can't wait to hear your sweet heartbeat!! Love you sweet one!

Lots of Love,
Your Mother


  1. What precious videos! I am so glad you captured that sweet moment!!!! :) :) :) :)

  2. i love this!!! So adorable and i love when your mom screams "did i just say that" i was dying!!! Congrats