Thursday, September 6, 2012

Growing Pains!

We took you to your 2 month check up & you are doing just fine, of course!  You got your first 2 shots & it was so sad, I cried!  I actually had to take you 2 girls all by my self since daddy had a meeting to be at.  The worst part was that both of you had to get shots that day.  I felt so bad watching both of you being so sad & tried my hardest to comfort both of you the best I could.  You actually did really well & only cried for a minute.  Now we know that you can really let our some noise since most of the time you don't let out a peep.  

Waiting to get shots...

Your sissy support!

Poor little thigh! 

As tradition in the Brook household we took you to get your ears pierced that same day.  We figure get it all done & just let you have one big bad day.  You were so sad when they did your first ear & by the time they were done with the other side you were done crying.  You had a few crocodile tears so that made me really sad.  You are truly such a trooper!  You look so pretty in your little pink earrings!! 

What are you doing to me now mom...

Marking the location...


We are SO mean...tears & all!!

Ok I'm fine! 

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  1. she is SO damn cute! I can't wait to squeeze her thursday. love you.