Thursday, August 30, 2012


For my birthday Mike bought me tickets to go to the Dodger game.  Luckily he picked a great night, it was Vin Scully bobble head night & we had great seats!  They really celebrated Vin & all he means to baseball & especially the Dodgers organization.  He threw out the first pitch which was a sweet moment because they had his entire family out there with him.  Between most of the innings they were showing clips from other players & announcer talking about what a great man he is.  This is one of those games you will never forget!  It was also fun because it was Zoey's first Dodger game!!  She was SO good & just did some people watching & even took a nap.

Cutest fan ever!

Daddy starting her early!


Vin & his family

1st Pitch...

Mike's fave pitcher Kershaw

We had such a great time watching this memorable game...even though they didn't win!!

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  1. How adorable is she in that Dodgers gear!! I need to see you girls soon!