Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Insta Joy!

This what has been happening lately in the Brook household...

Really said this happened ALREADY!

My Birthday gift part #1 YUMMY!

Part #2 Go BLUE!!

H found this on the
ground & decided to try it

 My first big Pinterest DIY


Got to hang with this Beaut!

First Kisses at Disneyland!

Very tired girl 3.5 hour nap!

Someone, not me, ready for children's ministry

 The hand off...

Visited the SD zoo

Hals making Daddy Purr-T

Blessing from my Dear Friend!

Spent time with my sissy!

Look momma I purr-t

Not a fan of this invention...it's a beast!

Shots are tiring! 
 Big girl!

Date with this hottie!

Lazy days are the best!

Love my blessed ordinary life!!


  1. Love it! I need an insta update asap!

  2. If it makes you feel better I frequent that same shopping cart experience!!! (LoL) Olivia & Brooklyn do enjoy riding next to each other but oh my just imagine hauling that thing into the ladies' room---been there done that hahaha :-) I love your posts they always make me smile.
    Miss you much XOXOX

  3. Sweet kiss :)
    I love the last one of the girls! So so cute