Saturday, June 16, 2012

Insta Joy!

My attempt to capture life's little moments during our daily journey!

Gotta love that you just climb
up in Mickey's lap!

Enjoying Auntie's glasses

You just LOVE your

Pigtails!!  Now if only
you would leave them in...

New fairy doll & you kept
checking... "Bell you poo poo?"
"Oh No you otay!"

Wedding fun with these pretty ladies

Praying over our graduating seniors, gunna miss them!

Rock throwing

Small group fun

Entertaining our selves at Emily's graduation

Loving on Zosee...sweet sissy love!

Last day of work...hip hip!!

Checking out the water with Uncle Dan

Guess who LOVES her big girl bed & 
now sleeps until 8am!!

Evening horsey rides!

Sweet buddies

Look what daddy brought me home!

Not sure how to feel about the 
Golden Zephyr...


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