Saturday, May 5, 2012

Zoey Ryan!!

We invited our family to enjoy a 4d ultrasound looking forward to seeing your little face.  This is one of my favorite things because we get a sneak peek of what you will look like in just a few short weeks!  Well you decided that you did not want us to see you!  You were facing my back & had your arm along the side of your face we could see.  On top of that you were holding both of your legs in front of your face.  So even when you did move all we could see was a little sliver of your face between your legs.  Silly girl!  

So we rescheduled for another day hoping you would be more cooperative.  Today we got to see your sweet little face!!  You look SO much like your sister it is crazy.  We truly can't wait to hold & kiss those chubby little cheeks!  You got lucky & have your daddy's big lips, you are going to make many jealous. We love you so very much Zoey!!

Sweet Zoey Ryan!

Laughing at the fact you are putting your foot on 
your forehead again!


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  1. She is soooooo beautiful!! I can't wait to see her on the outside!