Tuesday, May 8, 2012

31 Weeks!

Little One!!

I truly can't believe we are in this final stretch.  We are in the single digit count down...9 weeks!!  You are getting bigger & stronger by the day.  You are already about 3.3 pounds the size of 4 naval oranges!  I feel like you have to be bigger for how much my tummy has grown. 

You really enjoy your alone time when all is quite in the house.  Maybe you will be more of an introvert & thrive on it being quite & peaceful.  Sorry that is not the norm in our house right now things are a little crazy.  Between Hallee & Kingston & our busy schedule there is little time for solitude unless it is nap time or bed time.  I promise we will sneak away to have some quite alone time when you arrive. 

We got to see your little face this week & you are beautiful!  You have your dad's lips which make my heart melt.  You look like a little dancer in there with your acrobatic skills...Auntie Emily is proud!  We love you so very much Zo!!


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