Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Girl Bed!!

This week we  moved you into your BIG girl bed!!  Thanks to grandma & grandpa who found this bargain on craigslist & came down an assembled it for you.  I was not sure how you would do since your crib would still be in the same room with you.  Here is how the past few days have gone....

Night #1 - Went to bed around 9pm with out a peep.  At 10:30pm all I heard was "mama want you...mama want you..."  So I went into your room assuming you would be walking around.  Poor girl, you were laying on the floor half asleep crying for me.  You had rolled out of your bed.  There are rails on both sides but of course you found the opening in the middle & ended up on the wood floor.  I put you in your crib & you slept until 7am.

Day #2 - You napped perfectly fine in your bed

Night #2 - You again went down without a complaint around 8:45pm.  A little after midnight your dad jumped up & was mumbling something.  You scared him because this time you got out of bed & were knocking on your bedroom door for us to let you out.  It was rather funny!!  So we put you in your crib & you slept until 7:30am.  That is a true rarity for you!!

Day #3, #4, #5 - You have napped just like normal in your big girl bed.

Night #3 - You went to bed around 8:45pm & slept all night in your bed until 7am!!  I was SO proud of you!!

Night #4 & #5 - You slept in your bed all night but you have decided that you like to wake up between 5:30-6:30 & knock on your door wanting out.  This is not my favorite time to wake up but it gives me a little cuddle time on the couch with you so I guess its ok.

We are just glad that you love your bed & are transiting well.  Now you just need to sleep later so that you & mommy don't sleep for an hour on the couch each morning.  You are too cute Hallee Jane I can't believe how big you are getting!!  We love you so much!!

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