Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hallee Jane!

Big sister!

You are becoming so independent!! You are such a sweet & easy going little girl. You truly do love life & the world around you. Right now you can not get enough of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & anything else Mickey. You will ask for MyMo right when you wake up & anytime the tv is on, you think he should be on. You have such an extensive vocabulary for a 15 month old. You chat ALL day long & to anyone who will listen to you. You also love to be a greeter, you say Hi to everyone & Bye guys to those leaving. You are very polite & say cheeese (please) & than tu (thank you) when you need something.

We have been telling you all about your little sister that will be coming in a few months. You call her E-E (Zoey) & it is so sweet. You come up to my belly & give it kisses & tell it Yha-you (Love you) almost every day. The great part is that you have been pulling up your own shirt & saying baby while pointing to your belly! I think it is too cute I can't correct you. We know that you are going to be the best big sister to little Zoey.

You are a caring & sensitive little girl to those around you. You are extremely observant to the mood in the room. If someone is sad you want nothing more then to fix it. At Zoey's gender reveal when everyone was cheering in excitement that it was a girl you got scared at the yelling. You are such a sweetie!! Thank you for being such a joy to our life. We pray you have that same love & passion for Christ in the years to come. Love you so much Hals!!

Baby Blues!

You would not think it is winter here
we have been spending a lot of time
at the beach...gotta love little footprints
Always enjoying your beep-beep!

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  1. i do love that first picture with her beautiful blue eyes!!! she is just so precious!!!