Saturday, December 31, 2011

New York NYE!

This year we decided to host a New York New Years Eve party. It was so much fun speding time with friend celebrating what 2011 brought us all. I have to admit that I kind of felt old saying lets do a NY NYE so that we ring in the New Year when the ball drops in NY. That means it was technically 9pm here in CA but who cares!! I figure why do I have to stay up until midnight when I can say "Happy New Years" all day long when I wake up :) I was wonderful having everyone here with their kids. We just relaxed, chatted & ate lots of yummy food. I am thankful for each of these amazing people & how they made our 2011 such a blessing.

Us :)

Jenna & The Murano's



Gotta love Wes & Ry doing "face"


Now could you imagine if we stayed up until
midnight...this was only 10pm!

Anticipating what joys 2012 will bring!

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