Sunday, December 25, 2011


We really enjoyed Christmas this year, especially you! We stared out by spending Christmas Eve at church where they had tons of fun stuff for you to do. They had a live nativity, which is weird to think last year you played baby Jesus. They also had a bounce house set up which is quickly becoming your favorite thing. And best of all they had an ice skating rink!!

Not quite sure what to think of the ice rink
Why not twirl!
Hanging in the snow with Michael

The next morning we woke up & read the birth story from the gospel Luke. Then we opened our stockings & your present from us.
Michael & some Rainbows!

Then we headed out to Papi & ChaCha's house for brunch with all of the family. It was fun having all of the cousin's there playing & spending time together. We opened presents from Papi & ChaCha & they got you so awesome stuff! They got you a cool puzzle that spells your name & they got you mega blocks. They also got you this picnic basket that teaches you shapes & colors & you have not stopped playing with that.

After brunch & presents we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner & more gifts. You are one lucky little girl!! We had some delicious Christmas dinner & of course I was full before dinner because I had eaten so much appetizers! You had lots of fun opening your presents. You got an awesome princess tent, cleaning supplies, puzzles & lots of books from auntie Nicole & uncle Daniel. And I think your favorite (or maybe mine) was your potty chair!! You kept sitting on it & loved that it played music. Mommy is excited for you start using that soon!!
You enjoyed collecting all of the bows!
Princess tent :)
Big Girl Potty!!

You got lots of exciting new toys, I'm looking forward to seeing you & your little brother/sister play with them. You are already a great sharer, lets just hope that sticks when your a big sissy!

We ended the night by having a yummy ice cream pie & singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!!

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