Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa...We know him!

So today we went to visit Santa & you seemed so excited while we waited in line. You kept pointing to him & getting upset that it was not our turn yet. The great part was that once we got up there you wanted nothing to do with him. I had a great laugh & you had a great cry, well we took our pictures & head home. When I got home & loaded our pictures up on the computer they were ALL blurry! Now these were the pictures I had taken with my camera because I refuse to pay $30+ for their...I guess I should have bought the package.

Well I sat at home for a few hours & contemplated just having blurry pictures or heading back up there. Well you know me, of course I headed back to the mall & waited in line again. I figured this might be my only year to get the crying Santa picture. I was a little nervous that since you had been on his lap a few hours earlier you might not hate him as much. Well lucky for me you were still just as frightened!! That is until I picked you up & he gave you a candy cane, then he was your best friend.

Such a drama queen!
Thank you for making that extra trip SO worth it Hallee!!

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