Monday, October 31, 2011

New Addition!


Sweet little one I can't believe you are in there. We are so excited to be blessed to make this journey again. There is something SO sweet about know that you are growing in there as I type this. I had a feeling the last few days that you might be in there so this morning I took the test to make sure. I called your daddy from the living room once I got the results & we just kept smiling at each other. Of course your big sissy wanted to know what was going on so we scooped her up & had our first family of 4 hug!

Right now you are the sweet size of a sesame seed and getting stronger each day. I am praying that you feel our love for you already & know you are so special to us. You are the new baby of the family & I hope you enjoy that role as much as Hallee has. Today is Halloween & we are dressing up as bakers & Hallee is a little cupcake, the great part is no one else will know that I'm "baking" another little one!

We are praying for you little love! Stay healthy in there & enjoy the next 9 months snuggled in my tummy!



  1. I'm so excited for you and your sweet family!

    PS- I totally think I saw you guys walking to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. I should have stopped to say hello, but it took me a while to put two and two together! :(

  2. Oh my goodness how exciting!!! This news make me miss you more though. Our babies are going to be so close in age :-) I hope the morning sickness goes away soon because it stinks and it should be called all day sickness lol we love you guys xoxox

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you guys! Now you're making me want to have another one :) All in good (well God's) timing actually. Hope you start to feel better soon!