Monday, October 31, 2011


We started out our night carving some pumpkins. This is my favorite part because it means baked pumpkin seeds!!
Of course Matt had a tool to cut the top off easily!
I cleaned the pumpkin & daddy did the carving...
So proud of his creative design...
pumpkin on a pumpkin!
Final masterpiece...
You really enjoyed Halloween. You had fun watching all of the other kids walking around. You picked up really quickly what this was all about. You walked right up to the house & gladly took their candy. Your favorite houses were those that had doggies for you to look at. The best part was that when you would get to the next house we would take the candy you got from the previous house to put in your bag & you would get SO mad. You wanted to make sure that you got to eat all of it...not happening! Maybe next year I will let you have more then 1 sucker :)

2 Bakers & a Cupcake
Kara the Duck
Mr. & Mrs. Stick Figure
Wes the Gnome
Enjoying your spoils..
Sharing with Daddy

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  1. Okay seriously Kris? I haven't posted my Halloween pictures yet (you are so on top of things:-) but guess what the girls went as cupcakes in the exact same costumes as hallees and Brian and I dressed up as bakers!!! Here we thought we were so creative lol I guess great minds think alike :-) love you guys