Saturday, September 10, 2011

Surprise 50!

So the most fantastic, talented, loving & beautiful person turned 50! You may know here as Pamela Janice McCoy, mom, grandma & friend...all of these she is amazing at! She ALWAYS puts other in front of herself so it was so fun to do something for her. She never likes people to go out of their way so we knew if we told her that we wanted to throw her a 50th B-day party she would not be on board, so started the surprise planning. I told her that I wanted a little "mom daughter" time so we spent the day together shopping. When we got to the house we were "picking" my dad up from she was more then surprised. I had been so worried that she would get it out of me somehow. We are so close I figured she would be able to tell something was going on but nope WE PULLED IT OFF!!
The Surprise!
(My bro & I were right...tears within 30 seconds!)
Great Grandma Patsy Jane & sweet Hallee Jane!
Mingling with friends

It was such a joy to celebrate someone who deserves it more then anyone I know. Happy Birthday, we love you SO much!!

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