Monday, August 1, 2011

Water Baby!

You just love the water! We have spent much of this summer in the water & that makes for a happy baby :)

We met our friends Jorden & Asher at the Irvine Spectrum to walk around some how we ended up playing in the fountains. The two of you had SO much fun!

Happy girl!
Sweet Asher
Then we spent some time in the pool
Love that little face!
Kara got this awesome water park for her birthday so we let the 2 of you play around. You girls were so funny & really enjoyed splashing around. I look forward to more warm days & some more fun in the sun with you girlies!

Funny girls!

Silly Dad!

Hallee loved to push Kara around
Kara was enjoying the ride...
Thanks Grandma for the yummy strawberry watermelon cubes, delicious!

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  1. what is a strawberry watermelon cube and how do I get one? =)