Tuesday, August 2, 2011

9 Months

You are such a lover of the beach!
You always seem to find anything on the ground...
Sweet Hallee!

We officially have a walker! You have truly mastered walking this month. You went from crawling in what we called the "Mowgli" crawl to walking in what seemed like a matter of days. I feel like it was just yesterday that you learned to pull yourself up on stuff. There was about a week that you would walk until you fell & then crawl until you decided to stand back up. But those days are long gone...you only walk now! I have to say that I am pretty sad cause that means you are that much closer to being a BIG girl.

We took you to the doctors for your 9 month check up & you are doing great. The doctor did confirm our feeling by telling us that we did not have a baby for very long & that developmentally you are at the stage of a 15 month old. So we are wondering if that means we can potty train you in 6 months...since you will be developmentally a 2 year old! I mean if you want to be early on something that would be something I would be okay with...I'm just saying! You are in the 90% for your height at 29 1/2" & are in the 70% for your weight at 18.4 pounds.

You love to make noise! You are always talking or making funny noises. Or you also like to drop or hit things on the floor. You also really enjoy your food. You will eat anything that we give you, even if you just ate. Your favorites are fruit, cheese or chicken but you will not turn away veggies. I think you are going to take after your daddy in this subject because you are not a picky eater at all, which we are grateful for. You think that if we are eating that it must be time for you to eat also & of course you can eat whatever is on our plate...you are a big girl!

This month you have had a rough few days teething so that has not been my favorite. I wish those dang teeth would stop coming in. You are not at 7 teeth in your little mouth! Other then those few days you have been sleeping so much better, you sleep thru the night & don't normally wake up until 7-8am. We are still working on you napping during the day so that mommy can get some stuff done around the house. I know that I'm really exciting to be with but I promise you will not miss much if you nap for little bit :)

It is crazy to think that you have now lived on earth as long as you were growing in my belly. Other then the fact you are more work on the outside then you were when you lived in my belly, I love sharing life with you. You bring so much joy to those around you. We are honored to be your parents. Stop growing up so fast please. We love love love you Miss Hallee!


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