Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 15


You are so funny, you really want to be a big girl so bad! You try to mimic us all the time it is so cute. I swear you say momma when you cry but I know it is just you making noises, but I will count it!

The nice thing about heading into this week was your dad was gone at a high school retreat over the weekend so I had you all to my self for 3 days. This made the fact that I had to work an entire week, 4 days straight, a little easier. I miss you so much while I'm at work, I have to look at your picture a million times. I call your dad when I go on lunch so that I can talk to you. I know that is probably so silly but you smile at the phone so you really do hear me. The next few months until I get to go part time are going to be rough but we will make it work.

I have also been sick since the day before I went back to work, go figure. I am sure it is the stress of knowing I would be working & that it is flu season. I am just glad that you have not gotten it because it is no fun. Your dad has been taking care of me so hopefully it will be gone soon.

You are becoming so engaged lately. You are just like me & that you love to watch people & the tv. You have found your feet this week so that is all you do while you watch tv. At first it was just your right foot & now you have found both. It is funny because you will grab both & just rock back & forth on the floor. You have also become super talkative, you really never stop chatting. You will just sit in your bumbo & talk to your toys or tv. You really like to sit out our lap & talk to us, I just wish that I could understand what you were saying! I keep telling your dad that we need a translation collar like they have in the movie Up. Your little voice is so sweet sounding I could talk to you all day.

Please know that we love you so much & if ever doubt our love just ask. You are God's beautiful masterpiece & my hope is that you will never forget that. Love you Hallee.

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