Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 14

My Love Bug!

I still can not believe how fast you are growing up. You are such a joy & truly add so much to our little family. There is not a day that goes by where your dad & I thank God for you. I truly feel like you are the little daughter we prayed for. We wanted a baby that would love to be around other so that life in ministry would be fun for you. Well you for sure love to be around other, you seem to prefer it unless you want to sleep. I feel like I can take you anywhere & you will find something that entertains you. Thank you for being such a good little girl!

The time I have been dreading is finally here...I had to go back to work this week. Luckily I only worked 1 day & then had the weekend to adjust. I cried the night before as your bed time came near. I just knew that when you woke up in the morning I would have to leave. I got up that morning nursed you, kissed you a million times & told you to be a good girl for daddy. As soon as I closed the door & was so sad to leave you for the day. Your sweet daddy brought you to visit me on my lunch & you were so cute. The two of you had such a fun time hanging out together, you did not even notice I was gone. I think the transition is going to be really hard for all 3 of us but we will get thru it. I just keep telling myself thankfully you are not in a day care.

This week you started to roll over from your belly to your back. You do not enjoy tummy time so as soon as we put you on your tummy you roll over. When you do not roll right over you are scooting forward, you are going to crawl before we know it. We have noticed that you really like to be encouraged & praised so when you are on your stomach we have to get to your level & tell you what a big girl you are. You love for us to tell you how proud we are of you, it is so cute!

We were also able to spend a day at Disneyland with daddy. It was so much fun for him to see your amazement of the lights & people around the park. He is so extremely cute with you, you really do own his heart! We love you so much little girl, I pray that you continue to grow into the wonderful Godly woman I know you are going to be.

Your Mother

Tinkerbell my fave...I mean your fave!

This is the same spot I stood 1 week before you were born & took my 39 week picture

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