Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 16

Hallee Jane!

This week was very special your father & I dedicated you God on Sunday. That means that we are vowing to raise you in a Godly household. We will pray for you & we will pray with you. That we will teach you about the Lord & his grace & love for you. This was such a great ceremony for us to be a part of. The fun part was that our entire family & friends were able to be there to celebrate with us. Also, all of our friends that just had their kids dedicated their little ones too. So you were up there with Kara, Wesley & Eva it was so sweet. Please hold me accountable to be a Godly women you can model after as well as a loving & gracious parent. I give you permission to tell me when I'm not seeking His will for your life or myself. I want nothing more then to point you to Christ daily. I know that I'm human & will fall short so please offer me grace as well.
Proud Parents
You have now graduated to putting your feet in your mouth. It is partly my fault because I would show you that they can make it there. Now anytime we change your diaper we have battle with you putting your feet down. It is rather funny that you suck on your big toe like it is your pacifier. Your other new favorite thins is making spit noises. We were sitting on the bed & I made the raspberry noise for you & you immediately copied me. You think it is so funny & do it all the time, your shirt is always slobbery now. You just make me smile!!

Little girl you are growing up quicker then I like. I am learning to embrace every new stage, trick & smile you have. I promise I will not live in the past of what you were last week but enjoy today & what you love today. Love you baby girl!

Your God Parents Josh & Sarah
Your God Parents Nicole & Daniel
This is how you grow your student ministry...all the leaders have babies together!


  1. Yeah! Asher's dedication is next Sunday!
    Hallee is so adorable, as always :)

  2. So cute!!!! YAY for dedication!!!! Can't wait to see you love!