Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 6

Little Girl!

I just feel like every week I think you are growing up so fast & then here I am posting again. It really feels like time is flying by. I enjoy every moment I have with you right now because I will be going back to work before I know it. I have to say that me spending time with you is my number one priority. Housework, laundry, cleaning etc have become second rate right now. I just want to soak up every second of each new stage.

This week I was sad, no more new born diapers! I secretly wanted to save the last one so that I could look back on it & think, look how small you were, but I thought that would be weird. Ok maybe I just knew your daddy would make fun of me later. :) Speaking of dad I just LOVE watching the two of you interact together. He loves you so much & is extremely cute with you. I lay in bed in the morning when he is playing with you & just listen to him talk to you in the other room. He makes you smile so much, you really love your daddy!

You are the biggest poop monster right now! It feels like every time you poop we have to check to make sure you didn't explode everywhere. This week alone you pooped on your dad 3 times. One day in one poop you got his sweatshirt, thru to his shirt & on his favorite sweat pants. He was really sad because they were new & now he says they are not as fuzzy inside because he had to wash them. You think it is really funny when dad changes your diaper & says "You pooped all over me!" you just look up at him & smile. Then his heart melts once again.

You just love looking around outside, you will sit in your swing at the front door & just stare outside until you fall asleep. When we are in the car you just look out the window at everything. I enjoy watching you in the mirror because you just have this sense of wonder on your face that is priceless.

We went with some friends to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter & so of course Grandma came out to watch you. I told her it was fine we could get someone closer to watch you so that she would not have to drive out & take work off the next day but she insisted. I think it was that she had to be the first one to babysit you. Im sure she also like that she got you all to herself for hours & you slept in bed with her until we got home. I only check up on you once while we were gone even thought I wanted to text her every hour. That was the longest I have been away from you it was weird not having you around. I have to admit that it was nice knowing you were with Grandma & that I did not have to worry about you.

I love you so much Hallee. Know that we pray for you often & you are so special to us!


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