Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 7

Little Love!

You make me smile so much, thank you for the joy you bring to my life. You have this play mat that has a bunch of hanging toys & rings that you lay under & you love it! There is a stuffed elephant that you talk to whenever you are laying on that mat. I have named her Lucy & the two of you are great friends right now. It is funny to see you interact with her, I can't wait for you to realize that she is not real :) Speaking of friends Bill & Rebecca had their little girl this week! Sweet little Eva Renea was born & we are so excited we have all been waiting to see what they would have since they did not find out ahead of time. I am looking forwarded to seeing you grow up along side Kara, Wesley & Eva it is going to be so much fun.

Talking to Lucy

It was Thanksgiving this week & we go to spend time with both sides of the family. We are lucky that they both live so close together & we can go from one house to the other. It was so nice that you go to meet all of our aunts, uncles & cousins for the first time. They could not get over how cute you are, see its not only me that thinks you are the sweetest thing! You were such a good girl but you refused to take a nap because you did not want to miss anything. Your uncle Josh was the baby whisper he was the only one that could get you to fall asleep. I think it is because he is so tall & when he holds you, you are above all the distractions. It was such a great time for us to reflect on how great God has been to us this past year. I am so very thankful for you & your amazing dad, I can not imagine life without our little family. This past year God had provided, protected, fulfilled & enriched my life more then I can imagine. This verse just makes me smile, Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.1 Chronicles 16:34 YES IT DOES!!

This week we had to take you to the emergency room for the first time & I was so sad. You started having this weird breathing thing where you would take a breath in & make a weird squeak noise. It stated earlier in the day & I just thought it was a new noise you were making or that you were trying to laugh. As the day went on you stated to do it more & more so I stated paying more attention to it. That night when you were tired you were a little fussy & I could tell that when you did it that you were starting to get frustrated by it & that you seemed to have to catch your breath after you did it. So we called the on call nurse since it was around 10:30pm and they said we should bring you to the ER. They were so great with you! Luckily before we left the house we got it on video, because of course by the time we got there you were not doing it any more! The doctor said it could have been that you swallowed something down the wrong tube or that you were getting sick so just to keep an eye on you. Sure enough a few days later you started to get a stuffed nose. You have had that now for like 4 days & you have been such a trooper. You have not had a fever so that is good but it sure does bug you when you are trying to sleep since you love you pacifier so much & it is hard for you to breath out of you nose. We have been giving you drops in your nose & then suctioning them out & you barley cry, you are such a tough little girl. Please get better soon sweetie!!

Lots of love baby girl!
Your mom

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