Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 5

Little Girl,

This week was full of a lot of first! You are getting SO big & trying to do so much already, I just can't believe it.

You had your very first bottle this week. At first you did not want to take it so we had to trick you. I had to pretend like I was going to nurse you & then stick to bottle in your mouth. Once you started eating I passed you off to daddy so that he could feed you for the first time. It was sweet to see the two of you have that moment together. Now I just need to let go enough to allow him to get up in the middle of the night & feed you. I just cherish those middle of the night feedings when all is quite & its just the two of us, plus I like dad to get some rest since he has work the next day.
Daddy feeding you your first bottle
Great Grandma Patsy Jane!

You have been using your legs so much more you love standing up on our lap when we are holding you. Your legs & neck are getting so strong, you are such a big girl! When we put you on your belly for tummy time you love trying to scoot using your legs, its really funny to watch. You really love to try to mimic our noises to you. You are talking more everyday, you make the funniest noises & squeaks. You just love your tongue & are constantly sticking it out & rolling it around.

This week we went apple picking with our great friends The McCawley's. It was so much fun to have our first family tradition. We went during the middle of the week so it was not crowded at all so that was pleasant. The only bummer was that it was freezing! We enjoyed a nice warm lunch at one of the little restaurants at Riley's farm & then headed out into the cold. I used mymoby wrap to carry you so that you would stay warm inside all wrapped up. You slept the entire time & seemed nice & cozy in there. We had fun taking some pictures & picking fresh apples. We were there at the end of the season so there was not much to choose from but the ones we got were delicious! Next year I think we will go back a little early for berry picking season...yum!

Picking our first apple

It was your cousin Caleb's 2nd birthday so the entire family went to Disneyland. This was your very first time (outside of the womb) there so that was kind of a big deal for us. You were able to ride your first ride, Peter Pan, it is one of my favorite rides! When we got in line you started to get fussy because it was time to eat but I decided you could wait so that we could ride with everyone. You were crying when we got on the ride but as soon as we got inside you stopped & just stared at all of the lights & stuff going on in the ride. It was so fun to see the ride through your eyes as a child, I can't wait to take you back on there when you can tell me how much you love it! The rest of the day you slept in your stroller but we will for sure be taking you back to enjoy more rides soon.

Drool King
Birthday Boy!

I still can't believe you are my little girl. I am madly in love with you & cherish every moment I get to be around you. You truly have change my life in more ways then I ever imagined.

Love you so much,

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  1. I am aaaaaaaalllllllllll better now so I can come and visit!!!!! YAY! Hope to see you guys soon!