Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week 17

My Turnip weighing babe!

I cannot believe how big you are getting. This week you weigh 5 ounces, as much as a turnip. You are already 5 inches long from crown to rump, that is not even including your little legs!! I have started to feel you moving around in my belly more and more each day. Your dad is so excited for the day he gets to feel you move. I think he’s a little jealous I get to feel you fluttering around in there. We visited the doctor this week for our normal visit and we got to hear you sweet heartbeat again. I have to say it is my MOST favorite sound in the world!! You are growing perfect in there and we get to see you again in 4 weeks. :)

Our great friends Gregg & Jorden had their little baby boy Asher Luke this week. He was born on April 27th weighing 8 lbs 5 oz & 19 ¾ inches long. He is the sweetest little boy and already full of so much joy. Jorden is doing well and their little happy family is now home resting and adjusting to their new addition. It is so fun to hear Jor talk about the birth and seeing her baby for the first time and dreaming about that day for me. I wish that I could have been in Minnesota to share that special day with Gregg & Jorden. Gregg has been such a proud little papa sending me pictures of his little boy in all his Dodger attire. GO BLUE!! I can’t wait to meet little Asher when we go to visit in a few months!

Your daddy & I took a fun little bike ride this weekend and had a picnic at the beach. We were able to just sit there and talk about how exciting it’s going to be to share those moments with you. Your dad can’t wait to teach you how surf & ride a bike. I enjoy seeing the light in his eye when he sees another dad with their child, I know he is thinking of you, it's precious. We love you so much baby!!


Your Mother

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  1. CONGRATS GREGG AND JORDEN!!!! I can't wait to see a picture of him! Okay baby Turnip! LOVE IT! ps... now I am not only looking forward to the blog but what outfit you are going to wear. No pressure! =)