Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 16

My sweet Avocado!

We LOVE avocados so much! I like to just eat them plain they are so yummy! I can’t believe how big you are getting it feels like just yesterday you were a poppy seed. This week had been pretty eventful. Work had been crazy and there are days I just wish I was already on maternity leave. :)

This week our wonderful friends Ryan & Alissa found out they are going to have a sweet little BOY!! Alissa is one of my best friends and we have been blessed to share this fun pregnancy together. She is due September 7th only 4 weeks before me. I cherish my friendship with them and look forward to this new addition to their family. We have been dreaming about the two of you growing up together and being great friends someday. Or maybe getting married, I can tell you that you would have awesome in-laws. :)

We also attended your Aunt Sarah’s baby shower for your cousin that is due in a few weeks. It was nice to see your grandma Brook and all your daddy’s Aunts. I can tell you that they can’t wait to meet you. Im excited for you to have these two sweet boys to play with. Your Aunt was telling me that Jason is already over 8 pounds and she is not due for 4 weeks. Please don’t get that big! Speaking of big I am really starting to show and people are noticing so that has been fun.

Keep growing in there sweetie, I can’t wait to hear your heartbeat at our doctors appointment in a few days. Love you so very much!




  1. Mama Brook!

    How exciting for you guys. You are just the most adorable pregnant lady. Can't wait to see pictures of this sure to be adorable little one!

  2. I'm just realizing that I am probably going to cry with every new post! I love you and your little avocado SO much!

  3. You can't plan their marriage until you KNOW you are having a girl! =) Love you friend! PS I love avocados plain with salt and pepper! Yummy!

  4. I love you you assume it's a girl :) Hopefully if it's a boy he won't marry R&A's son! LOL!

    Love reading your posts!!