Saturday, May 1, 2010

My turnip

We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning! So excited to hear your heart beat again. I think about you all the time. Every trait in me I hate I think and pray you avoid it. Even right now I fight tears thinking through how I have no idea how to raise you and give you only the good traits (the few) that I have. I pray for you all the time. I think about you constantly and I worry about you all the time. I don't know when you will get this or read any of this, maybe one day when we have a huge fight and you look like you need to know I love you, maybe I'll be dead (which I want you to know isn't the end of the world, I just get to to go home) but I want you to know that from the moment younger conceived we wanted and loved you. We dreamed about you, prayed for you, and worried about you. I love you.

Your dad


  1. Hey Brooks! I'm sooo excited for you guys...I just ran across this blog and finally caught up on all the posts! You're going to be such great parents! <3