Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 15

My big Apple!

This week I have been sick, it is not fun. I came home from New Mexico with this awful cough and stuffy nose. It just does not want to go away. It is so sweet to see your dad worried about how this cold might be affecting you, his is such a wonderful dad! Let me tell you a little secret he is so excited about you that he almost cries thinking about you daily. I love that about him and he loves that I cry about everything.

This week I went to Disneyland with my friend Brittany and we had so much fun. We just walked around and went on a few little kid rides. I am so excited to take you there one day. Actually you will probably go there a million times before you can walk. Britt and I snacked a lot while we are there. It is fun going places with her because she likes to stop and get yummy snacks like a pickle, rootbeer float and other delicious snacks with me.

We have another doctors appointment coming up in a few weeks and Im really excitend to see how you are growing. Actually your dad and I have been taking trips to Babies R Us and Target just to walk thru the baby stuff and dream about you. You are really really loved!

Your Mother


  1. I am so excited for you guys.Your pics reminded me, My mom took a picture of my belly every other week when I was pregnant and I made it into a scrapbook with notes from everyone to Grace, and I love showing it to her now. She points at my belly and says-baby! lol. You guys are going to be amaazing parents, and I love that you made this blog so I can see you grow! I love you guys, and can't wait to meet this precious baby :)

  2. You are so beautiful and I wish I could hug you right now!

  3. I'm like sitting here at the front desk at work crying reading this! I am so excited and lucky to have you as a friend! I can't wait to be Aunt B! I can't believe how in such a short time how much you have changed! Can't wait for the big belly! Whenever you want to go to Dland and eat, you know who to call! =)