Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week 14

My cute Lemon!

This week you went on your first mission trip to New Mexico! We took almost 200 high school students to Shiprock, New Mexico. We spend spring break on a Navajo Indian Reservation and it is so much fun. We load all of the kids and leaders up on a 4 buses in the middle of the night and start our 16 hour bus ride. I made sure to sit close to the bathroom so I would not have to hop around everyone to get to my frequent visits. The bus ride there was great, it seemed to go by quickly. At our lunch stop Bekah, our great friend, and I snuck away to grab lunch at Cracker Barrell…it was delicious! You really liked it, I could tell, we will visit one when you are older.

While we were in Shiprock our village of students helped out at the church we actually stayed at last year when we were there. We re-painted the outside of the guest house, did some roofing, painted the baptismal room, cleaned everywhere, laid some carpet, and did some other miscellaneous work. Let me say that you and I did not do too much just to be safe I did not want to be around a lot of the paint chemicals and mold. So we were big cheerleaders and help get supplies that were needed, oh and also made sure everyone was drinking plenty of water.

One of the days we put on a local carnival for the people of Shiprock. It was so much fun to see all the kids playing games and dream of you being there one day. I can’t wait until we take you on a trip with us for the first time. I’m sure you are going to have such a huge heart for others and I look forward to seeing you serve.

Love love love you!

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